10 Reasons to Buy Custom Shades for Your Condo

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If you can’t find a reason to buy the best that’s available in window treatments for your condo, then chances are you don’t even know what you’re missing out on. Not only will this list inform you about the latest options and features that are now available in custom shades, it will also help to point you in the direction you need when deciding what to buy.


Following this list will also provide you with everything you need to finally make that leap to superior quality and style. If you’re already familiar with custom window treatments, you may just be looking for the perfect excuse to finally make a great investment towards better interior design. Either way, you should check out these 10 excellent tips on buying custom shades, selected specifically for condo owners.


1. Consistent Interior Design


If you own a condo in a major urban centre, chances are you care about designer decorating. For anyone that has invested in gorgeous contemporary furniture and decorations for a condo, it makes sense to also include window treatments that are suited to a stylish décor.


Luckily, when you’re choosing treatments from Toronto’s most trusted source for interior window treatments like shades and blinds, it’s easy to find the quality and style that you’re looking for. There’s no reason to let your interior design lapse when it comes to your windows, especially when you can choose from designer options from our collection of Hunter Douglas Blinds and shades!


2. More Functional Options


On the other hand, if you’re among the few condo owners that only worry about practical function of your living space, you’ll also appreciate custom shades. Some of the options that you’ll get when you order custom blinds or shades will include:


  • Exceptional Light Control
  • Advanced Opening and Closing Mechanisms
  • A Wide Range of Designs
  • UV Ray Protection
  • Superior Privacy


With the latest designs in shades, you can easily find the options that you want more to protect your condo from the elements and add exceptional style to any kind of room.


3. The Exact Size and Shape for Your Windows


When you get your window coverings custom made, you will guarantee that you’ll achieve the exact size and shape for any window you might own. Achieving the right shape is especially important for looks because ill-fitting window coverings tend to look disheveled and worn out. Achieving the right shape is important for the practical functions of window shades as well, which you can read more about below.


4. Beautiful Window Treatments for any Kind of Window


Condos in particular tend to include as large an amount of window space as possible and this means that many areas that you’ll need to cover will likely have different shapes than generic window coverings provide. When you order a custom fit for your windows, you’ll never have to worry about finding the perfect measurements – you can leave that to the experts here at Affordable Blinds! Some of the most popular designs that you can have custom fit to any window include:


  • Pirouette Shades
  • Luminette Shades
  • Silhouette Shades


5. Better Heat Control


One of the most important functions of any window covering is to allow you to control over the amount of heat that you allow into your residence and the amount that is able to escape through your windows. The better the fit that you get out of your window covering installation, the more control over you’ll be able to achieve over the balance of heat in your home.


6. UV Protection


It’s no secret that the earth’s protective atmosphere isn’t what it used to be. You already have to worry about the damaging rays of the sun enough when you spend a day at the beach or enjoying a temperate day at the park. Make sure that you’re protected at home and free from worry with quality shades that have the ability to block out the sun.


7. Better Privacy


It only takes a few minutes visiting any condo with a great view to realize that that view usually comes at the cost of privacy. Large condo buildings that are built in highly sought after locations almost always get built in groups – and if you’re lucky enough not to have hundreds of windows outside of yours, then chances are that you may in the near future.


What this amount to is that privacy will soon become a great concern in your life and continue to be one. When you’re looking for a less intrusive experience in any new home, custom window treatments are your new best friend.


8. Custom Installation


The best way to achieve the ultimate fit between your window coverings and any size or shape of window is to order custom made window treatments and have them professionally installed by the manufacturers. Outside of the wide range of options that you’ll get when you order your window shades from Affordable Blinds, you’ll also gain the ability to have our experts help you at every step of the way.


9. Hands On Expert Advice


The latest designs in window treatments are easy to use and won’t require a great deal of maintenance. That said, it’s always good to know that if you have any questions regarding your window shades – whether they regard what to choose, operation or installation – that you can always get in touch for more info and easily find someone to discuss whatever issue you may need.


10. Energy-Efficiency Throughout the Year


With superior control over heat and light, protection from UV rays, and a custom-fit installation, you’ll be get the most energy-efficient options in window coverings available to you for the entire year.  No matter if your live in an area that experiences extremes in hot or cold weather, or a large fluctuation in seasonal differences, you’ll want to install window covering that can handle the elements with the maximum efficiency possible.

For condo owners, with an abundance of large windows, the ability to find and install proper window treatments may be even more important than for those who own a house. Make sure that you’ve got a superior option available to you by going with Affordable Blinds.