3 Ideas for Coordinating Window Coverings with Your Walls

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It should come as no surprise that the two most important things to consider when choosing new treatments are function and style. When it comes to style, there’s how a particular design looks to you and then there’s how it fits your room. Coordinating colours and designs may actually be more difficult than you might expect, so here are some strategies to help motivate your decisions.

Forget Function!


Well, not really – you never want to ignore functionality entirely. Things like heat and light control, levels of privacy, and modes of operation, should never be overlooked when you’re choosing from the latest styles at Affordable Blinds – however, choosing these things tends to rely on different factors than style and so it can help to focus entirely on design while your deciding on coordination. After you’ve made a decision on a particular colour scheme to suit your room, you’ll be able to find the right design in a window treatment to match function with style.


Home Décor as a Personal Choice


While the interior design of your home will ultimately depend on your own personal preferences, becoming informed about what guides professional design decisions will help you to make more informed choices when picking out options from our collection of window treatment finishes to enhance your home. After all, when you have more options to choose from, the decision can be easier. With this in mind, here are a few key factors to think about while coordinating your window coverings with the current décor of your room.


1. Sharp Contrast


Contrasting your window treatments from your walls is one of the most common strategies used to guide coordination, but if you’re having any hesitations, you can always call us today for advice. What you gain from this approach is the ability to introduce an exciting new colour to your room that can change its entire tonal feel.  


2. Neutral Blending


When it comes to coordinating colours for interior design, the rules aren’t very different from coordinating your outfits for fashion. If you’re having trouble deciding or can’t figure out how to match a certain shade, always remember that white will go with anything. Similar to choosing tones of paint for your walls, there is also a wide variety of off-white colours available if plain white feels stark.


3. Match Your Walls


This style may be the most difficult to pull off well but, when done correctly, can really bring a unique and striking look to a room. If you’re in love with the tone of paint that you already have adorning your room, then there’s nothing wrong with matching the colour of your window coverings to your walls exactly. As in the case of neutral blending, you have the option of varying the tone in slight degrees, but this can get tricky since some tones that are a close match but still slightly off can stand out like a sore thumb.


While there are other options, such as going with an ornate pattern, these trends tend to depend more on the room itself – as well as a personal choice – rather than the rules of style. Contact an expert at Affordable Blinds if you’d like advice on coordination while shopping for new treatments.