4 Approaches to Alternating Window Treatments in Each Room of You Home

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When you’re looking to design a unique look to your living space, it can be difficult to strike that perfect balance between what’s in style and what’s going to stand out from the ordinary.

One of the best ways that you can create a home that avoids looking like the usual cookie-cutter designs that you see in catalogues and hotel rooms is to create a different look for each room of your home. The easiest way to begin is by selecting different window treatments and coverings for each room.


1. Considering Your Options


Creating a different design for each room may seem daunting at first, but after you check out our enormous selection of top quality window coverings, you’ll find that the range of options will quickly make your life easier. Whether you’re looking for Hunter Douglas shades in Toronto or simply looking for new blinds that will fit perfectly into your living room or bedroom, it gets easier to find exactly the style that works for you when you have a huge selection to choose from.


2. Layering Window Treatments


Layering is one of the best approaches you can take to achieving a varied look to each room around your home. Layering can provide more control over factors such as, depth and dimension in proportion to your rooms, natural light control, and even amount of insulation of your windows. When beginning to design using the layering technique, a few key points to remember are


  • Start by Choosing an Appropriate Base to Set the Tone
  • Pick Out a Layer Based on Fashion
  • Match Treatments to Work with Your Rooms


Between blinds, shades, valances, curtains, drapes and sheers, the combinations available to you when layering are virtually endless. Keep in mind that whatever choices you decide to include purely for the sake of style, you can always get more control over function by including a base of a blind or shade that is designed for maximum control over privacy and light. 


3. Using Length to Achieve Greater Variety


Whether or not you decide to layer your window treatments, there’s a great deal of variety that you can achieve simply by alternating the lengths of the treatments you install around your home. If you’re looking for a finished and formal look, then you should consider floor length treatments. You can also go even loftier by hanging your window coverings higher than your windows.


4. Matching Your Existing Décor


If you’re interested in adding variety to your home because your interior design feels repetitive to a stifling degree, then you should start by changing the window coverings in each room and then redesigning the décor of each room based on these choices.


Most rooms, however, tend to already contain its own unique personality that can be highlighted using window treatments designed to make those elements pop. Be sure to take some time to consider what the existing style of each of your rooms says to you before deciding on new window treatments, so that you’re able to emphasize the elements of your rooms that are already working, rather than unintentionally working against them.


These days, it’s becoming more difficult to design your home in a way that stands out from the rest. Too much similarity around your home will usually result in a “cookie-cutter” feeling, wherein everything seems to be lacking in originality and personality. Using these 4 tips – and a perhaps a bit of nerve – could help to take your home design in directions that you never thought possible. Why not take a risk? If things go wrong, then you can always contact us for help from a design expert.