4 Window Upgrades To Dramatically Improve A Room

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Fall is here – and what better time of year than now to personally remodel the look of your home? Before you start tearing down walls or planning other expensive renovations, consider how a delicate change can alter the entire atmosphere of a room – just like the changing seasons! Rather than looking to pricy construction or a whole new set of furniture, start by updating your window coverings. Trust us, try any one of our 5 affordable suggestions and you’ll experience a dramatic improvement to your décor and mood that will make you forget all about the pricy stuff.


Faux Wood and Wood Blinds


If you’ve never considered wood or faux wood blinds before, now’s the time. There’s no better way to match your interior décor to the fall season than with beautiful wood furnishings. Wood makes the best choice for privacy and shade because it can seal out sunlight more effectively than most other materials.


If you’re looking for warm and earthy tones, wood blinds will give your home the nostalgic, comforting atmosphere of a rural family setting. Faux wood blinds provide all of the same comforts as real wood but at a fraction of the price. If you’ve already invested in antique wood furniture, then you’ll want to get new blinds this fall to tie your rooms together with matching décor.



Honeycomb Shades


Honeycomb shades are perfect for fall to winter weather for a cornucopia of reasons! Not only does their name and look conjure images of hot cider and the last stirrings of the autumn beehive – they’re also very practical!


Honeycomb shades are a type of cellular shade, which means they incorporate a technology proven to be energy efficient during hot or cold weather. Honeycomb Hunter Douglas shades are insulating because they trap pockets of air in between the material. They’re also available in a variety of fabrics and colours. So you can match the perfect style to your room, while remaining economic and environmentally conscious.


Silhouette & Luminette Shades


If you’re looking to lighten the mood of your home, silhouette and luminette shades are the choice for you! This style is as far away from wood blinds as you can get – in every way except for their great look and reasonable price! Rather than conjuring a warm and nostalgic feeling, these shades will brighten and lighten the mood of any room.


Silhouette and luminette shades are designed to deflect rather than block sunlight, giving you precise control over the amount of sunlight entering a room. Scientific data has shown that the types of rooms we spend the majority of time in can have a dramatic affect on our moods. So if you want to elevate your mood, the best boost you can give to your home is to go with the uplifting feel provided by silhouette or luminette shades.


Zebra Dual Shades


Wood blinds are excellent at blocking out the sun. Silhouette and luminette shades are best at controlling the amount of light entering a room. Zebra dual shades, on the other hand, give you choice.


Since both blackout and transparent fabrics are included in this one type of shade, you can have the choice of total cover or letting some sunlight in, all while enjoying the best in UV protection. Both of these options allow quick access to complete privacy because, as a roller shade, zebra dual shades are among the most easy to use.


Each season has its own personality, but your home doesn’t have to – and neither do you. Now that you’ve seen four different options in window coverings and what each can achieve in your home, call us today to get a free estimate on a fall upgrade!