Affordable Blinds’ 2018 Autumn Style Guide

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As we mentioned in a separate post this month, the end of summer marks a shift in the psychology of the general public here in the city of Toronto, Ontario. Things tend to get a bit busier and the time comes to reorganize and redecorate a bit as the transitional months of September and October slip into the frigid winter season. Affordable Blinds believes that there are very real benefits to creating a positive mood for your day-to-day life by honing your interior design skills, or better yet, consulting with one of our amazing experts to nail the vibe that will best lift you up in the morning and help you wind down in the evening. While window treatments are only a small part of the bigger picture in interior design, when deciding every minor detail, one must be careful to keep consistency and balance in mind, and potentially principles of feng shui if you want to get downright mystical.

If the idea of changing up your blinds and shades every season doesn’t appeal to you – and we’ll admit, that would be going a bit overboard – there are many options that are functional, beautiful and energy neutral, that you can work around to create your perfect environment. Some of the latest window covering products that fall into this category are Hunter Douglas Silhouette shades and patterned Roman Shades, which afford a bit more privacy. Silhouettes are perfect for minimalism and for individuals who want to invite in lots of light and be able to see out their windows at all times through these slick, translucent treatments. Roman Shades, on the other hand, are typically solid, providing maximum privacy if that’s your vibe. Roman Shades also tend to come adorned with many intricate designs – if you’re looking for something decadent and luxurious – or just in plain block colours if you’re a fan of the understated.

Whatever window treatments are going to fit your personal style the best, here are some general ideas for creating fun and sophisticated atmospheres that are coherent with the warm, earthy moods of fall:

Blue Earth

Navy blue works well in the summer for a breezy nautical energy that’s not utterly flippant, but you don’t need to chuck out those navies just because the leaves are turning orange. A blend of blues and creamy, chocolaty earth-tones can ease you into the cooler weather – it doesn’t have to be one or the other. Navy and earth can be complementary in certain arrangements.

Branch Out

While the bouquets of summer are a delight, at this point, you’re probably sick of tossing out dead flowers. Fiery red autumn branches in vases and urns can energize your space and add some truly fantastic organic accents to your space. The branches won’t last forever, but they’re a bit more durable than spring tulips.

Stay Gold

As the golden light of summer wanes and your vitamin D starts to plummet, set up some marigold yellow decorations or furniture to make a room pop and give yourself an extra hit of sunny colour even as we speed toward the winter solstice.

Any and all of the above tips can be combined with our wide selection of Hunter Douglas shades to create the perfect habitat for you and your loved ones. We hope to hear from you this fall!