An Intimate Look at Blinds and Shades in the Home

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When it comes to decorating the interior of your home, the styles you choose can be very personal. The decisions that determine your window coverings, especially, can be a lot like deciding on your own wardrobe and fashion choices. These things don’t just serve a function, they also tell others about who you are as a person.


That’s why it’s important to consider what your choices in blinds and shades say about you. Like any fashion or design choices, aspects like colour, texture, shape and size, all play an important role in communicating the type of person that you are.

While some people are content to allow these choices to remain largely unconscious, others prefer to take control. Luckily, if you fall into the latter category, there are a few interior design standards that can help you to get started.



Deciding on Different Materials


Whenever you make the decision to update to the latest window styles in blinds or shades for the different rooms of your home is the perfect time to consider which styles reflect you personally. The best way to get started is to consider what materials will best suit each room as you’ve already designed it. If you’re having trouble deciding between different options – such as wooden vs vinyl treatments – then it can be useful to consider what will match your existing designs.


Considering Window Shades

Many styles of window shades look modern and minimalist, but they can also vary widely in style. Whatever design you choose, the function of your shades will remain consistent. That is, shades perform exceptionally at controlling heat and light, as well as adding privacy. Some popular choices in window shades include:


  • Roller Shades
  • Roman Shades
  • Honeycomb Shades
  • Zebra and Dual Shades
  • Luminette and Silhouette Shades


Window shades are some of the most popular choices for your bedroom, given that they are available in so many different styles and provide excellent privacy. If you tend to prefer shades, then it may be because you’re a person who greatly values your privacy. To find out more about what the different kinds of shades available, you can get in touch for more info about these and other window treatments.


Why Choose Blinds?


One of the best benefits of blinds is that most varieties can be adjusted to allow light to filter into your home in an aesthetically pleasing way, which can turn any room in your home into a meditative paradise. It may seem that the decision to add blinds to your home reflects a calm personality type, but the opposite could also be the case.


That’s because those who suffer from anxiety can combat stress by creating a soothing and calming environment in their home. So the interior design choices that one makes can just as often tell you as much about what a person wishes to become as it can tell you who they already are.


When it comes to window treatments, there are so many materials to choose from that it can become difficult to know what you’re after. The best way to find the right window treatment to reflect who you are as a person – or who you’re striving to become – is to check out our large selection and find out what most attracts you.