Avoid SAD By Maximizing Natural Light In Your Home This Winter

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With winter upon us, it’s time for another season of cold and darkness here in the glorious city of Toronto, Ontario. As your source for blinds and shades, we feel compelled to help you optimize the amount of natural light that can potential brighten your home and your mood this winter. According to experts, 3-5% of Canadians suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, due to a lack of natural light in the winter season. Up to 15% of the population may be affected with a less severe form of the condition, and the majority of the population may experience mild feelings of sadness know as ‘the winter blues’.

Signs that you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) are lethargy, overeating, anxiety and depression. If you are in the 5% that suffers acutely, treatments such as light therapy (special lamps that produce synthetic natural light), anti-depressants or natural products like tryptophan that increase serotonin are widely available. For those who are less affected by the change of the seasons, something as simple as inviting more natural light into your home may turn the tides when battling winter blues. By maximizing the amount off natural light that comes through your windows and keeping thick curtains and blackout shades open during the day, you will absorb more vitamin D and generally feel better. Canada is pretty far north, and it is worth keeping in mind how much less light we get than some other parts of the world in winter; soaking in as much light as possible can be crucial to maintaining your energy levels through the dark months.

When you shop at Affordable Blinds in Toronto and the GTA, you can use our in home design services to find the blinds or shades that are right for your space. Thick curtains are certainly handy for keeping out the cold and helping your furnace do its job, but when you throw them wide during the day to get some light, it may be a bit too bright; thus, we recommend shades from Hunter Douglas to help soften the brightness without diminishing its natural health benefits. Depending on which direction the windows in question are facing, the light could be quite intense, so you’ll want something to mellow out the glare. Again, our design experts are quite savvy in this regard.

Silhouette Blinds from Hunter Douglas are easy to control remotely and super safe if you have young children who like to tamper with things. An ability to control these blinds remotely is excellent for customizing the amount of light coming into your living room, kitchen or wherever you might install them.

The Luminette is ideal for large rectangular doors, such as sliding doors that might lead to your backyard. These privacy sheers allow for a tremendous amount of design flexibility and come in a myriad of colours depending on the design scheme of your home.

The Pirouette Is perhaps the best shading device for custom lighting. They also bring a tremendous amount of class to any room, plus their invisi-lift technology gives the appearance that they are free floating in front of your window. Very cool!

This winter, don’t get SAD, get custom shades from Affordable Blinds and have yourself a sunny winter season!

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