Blinds and Shades In Colder Weather

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When we think about using blinds and shades, we usually picture the bright and sunny summertime rather than considering how their functions vary through the changing year. Today, let’s take a look at some of the seasonal practicalities. When it comes to the purpose of blinds and shades in colder months, what’s the principal advantage that comes to mind?


Brighten your Home!

Your first thought might fall upon the style of your window coverings and the mood or tone that window décor lends to a home. No matter what time of year you decide to furnish your windows, keep in mind that the weather in Southern Ontario will eventually turn cold. When it does, you’ll want to be ready with bright colours indoors to offset the stark whites and greys outside. If you’re currently in the market for an update, why not check out our window treatments on offer right now?


Let the Sunshine In!

Maybe you’re picturing yourself opening the blinds in the morning and how the sunlight feels coming through the panes to brighten your room and wake you up. This is an undeniable contender for the most important function in a widow covering, especially when it comes to quality operable blinds and shades. Certainly your ability to control how much light comes in will affect the mood of your home, and adding natural heat will help you lower your power bill during colder months.

On Second Thought, Block Out That Sun!

Even the cheapest blinds can be held open, but it takes a solid quality product to close securely and totally block the sun from entering a room. At Affordable Blinds we consider a window covering’s ability to prevent light leaking in to be the ultimate test of quality. This might not seem like a huge advantage if you haven’t slept in past 7 am recently. But when someone in your home needs daytime rest, you’ll be thankful you invested in premium quality. Blocking sunlight during the day becomes especially important for a new family running on irregular sleeping hours or when you’re laid up with an illness. Thankfully, Affordable Blinds carries a huge selection of Hunter Douglas window treatments of the utmost craftsmanship and perfect for obstructing light.


Unwanted Heat Gain

A more practical concern during winter is how much heat escapes or enters your home through the windows, which will factor into your power bill. We often open shades and blinds to let in the natural heat of the sun during the day. But in the winter, the reflective power of snow can induce unwanted heat gain – so be wary! When it’s cold outside and your heating is already on, there’s a potential for uncovered windows to add unwanted heat to a house during colder months. A properly insulted window shade can also reduce heat loss through windows by 40%. So it’s a good idea to think twice about keeping shades and blinds closed on colder days.

Better Privacy

One final factor regarding operable shades and blinds is privacy. Admittedly, whether your window coverings can dependably block the path of vision is a year-round concern. When you’re at your most intimate, you don’t want to worry about worn-out shades or blinds giving the neighbours an unwanted glimpse of indecency—for your sake and perhaps theirs as well! This is an excellent reason to invest in new blinds on a regular basis.