Blinds In Bloom: Spring Style Guide Part Two

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In another post this month, we started laying down some trendy new spring design ideas for 2018. We talked in depth about the many joys of cellular honeycomb shades, about the playful vibe of warm, arts and crafts-type decorations and how well green foliage can complement lovely green shades or blinds. In part two of this spring style guide, we’re going to continue celebrating the arrival of flowers, sun and the warm weather that signifies long walks in the park and drinks on the front porch!

As we mentioned in the last post, the onset of spring and summer means that we’ll see the sun climbing higher in the sky, and while more sunlight means more vitamin D and longer days, it may also mean that some rooms in your home are flooded with harsh sunlight at certain times. Our wide selection of Hunter Douglas shades should help if you need to soften the light in certain areas or update a style that you feel has become outdated and anachronistic.

Wood and Alternative Wood

Hunter Douglas manufactures beautiful shutters made from wood or alternative wood. Their Everwood shutters, for example, are a timeless classic made from durable materials that withstand decay better than regular wood. For purists, of course, there are still real wood options. Wood blinds offer excellent control and can pretty well black out the light if need be. If you live in a more rustic, cottage-type house, wood-style shutters can work very well with the overall style. Traditional wood shutters look great with green furniture, plants and succulents, creating a very woodsy energy in the comfort of your living room!

Skylight Shades

Skylights, of course, are a fun and classy way to provide your home with natural light and a bit of warmth to save on utilities. However, with the overwhelming spring light, you may find yourself blinded at certain times in the day by the excess of sunlight pouring through the skylight window. Affordable Blinds can offer you several solutions for shading your skylight – Applause, Duette, Somner and Vertical Solutions are all Hunter Douglas treatments available for skylights. Hunter Douglas’ SkyLift treatments are available in the above styles and can be controlled via a remote or a hand crank, alternatively.

Complementary Geometrics

Geometric art in the tradition of Cubist and Futurist artists is very popular right now, if you decide to go with slick, modern window treatments, there’s a good chance that tasteful wallpaper or wall art featuring hypnotic visual patterns will complement it quite nicely. Some new wallpapers are actually made out of decorative membrane that is waterproof for use in the kitchen or bathroom: no more peeling or moldy wallpaper!

Stay Gold

Mango wood fixtures and brass pieces combined with mirrors and electric blue furniture is a fun, classy aesthetic that goes well with darker curtains and light shades. Give your apartment a regal makeover and contact us today to suggest some window treatments to complete the picture. With warm weather on the horizon, you’ll have all the energy you need to re-conceptualize your home and bring it into spring with style and pizzazz!