Blinds In Bloom: Spring Style Guide

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Now that the sun is rising high in the sky, the birds are chirping and the flowers are blooming, it is only natural for one’s mind to wander to spring styles and fashions. After an interminable, bleak, grey winter, spring suddenly arrives with a refreshing pop of colour and a warm breeze. Here in the frosty climes of Canada, this pop of colour is always extremely welcome and signifies that its time to get the summer clothes out of storage, perform the spring cleaning ritual with the family and switch over the decor to fit the new season.

Of course, with the sun climbing higher and splashing a more intense light on your home, you may be looking for new blinds to filter the brightness for effectively. As healthy as sunlight is, we also don’t want to be completely bombarded with bright light. As we’ve discussed many times before here on the blog, one of our favourite styles for any season – but especially spring – is the cellular, honeycomb shades. Honeycomb shades have a unique texture that is at once warm and modern; in this way, it is versatile for almost any home.

The universal benefit of honeycomb shades is that their unique materials can be manipulated into a wide array of textures and opacities. Thus, you could even purchase honeycombs for winter, and separate ones for summer, with their own unique style and opacity to provide the ideal lighting solution for your space. You can explore the wide world of honeycomb blinds over at Hunter Douglas shades ­– we carry all of the products you’ll find on their website!

In terms of colour, style, and synergy there are many considerations to go over when choosing new window treatments. That’s why our design experts come to you when it’s time to redesign or change out the old blinds. This not only saves you the trip to the store, but also means that you’re certain you’ve made the right choice before everything is installed – finding out the measurements are off after a long day of shopping is no fun for anyone.

Above and beyond the world of window treatments, this month we thought we’d offer up some general springtime design tips from our experts:

Tassels and Tufts:

Crafty throw rugs with tassels and macramé wall hangings are fresh and fun and add a casual vibe to a living room or kitchen. Throw cushions with intricate details stitched into them can also work well with this arts and crafts style for light, quirky additions to your space.

Greenery and Foliage:

‘Tis the season for green beauty, so head down to your garden center and pick out some plants. Hanging plants are fantastic for higher up placement, while plants with thicker leaves are ideal for coffee tables and the floor. Succulents are also very cool and require less water than regular plants (hence, less upkeep). There’s even a store in Toronto’s east end called Succutera that specializes in hundreds of cacti and flyers with stylish terrariums to choose from.

Give us a call if these ideas have your brain churning away and you need to bounce something off of our design specialists. Enjoy the beauty of spring, and tune in for part two of our spring style guide!