Buying New Blinds to Improve Office Productivity

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The blinds and shades that you use at home and in the office can have a considerable bearing on your ability to enjoy your environment; they can also affect your ability to be productive. When you’re managing a team of employees, you can’t afford to allow a simple thing like computer screen glare to get in the way of your employees’ ability to get work done.


Even a little distraction can have a major effect on the output of work when it occurs every day throughout the year. Instead of facing unexpected delays, start off on the right track and achieve higher levels of productivity by installing window treatments with superior control over the light that enters your office.


Sunlight During Important Working Hours


If your workers cannot gain control over the amount of light that enters the  workplace, it could create distracting circumstances for a variety of reasons. Sunlight in tall office buildings can easily produce glare on every computer workstation within an office. It doesn’t take a great deal of imagination to understand the delays that can be caused when 20 people all simultaneously experience difficulty reading the words they are trying to type.


During the work day, your office is susceptible to a variety of kinds of sunlight. In the morning, the sun rises and casts rays of intense natural light at a lower angle than at noon, when the sun is directly overhead. During the winter season, the opposite effect occurs at sunset. It doesn’t matter whether your most vulnerable office windows are situated on the eastern or western side of the building – at one point or another, your computer screens and your path of vision are going to get hit.


The higher up you’re located in your building, the more beautiful views that your windows allow, the worse the situation is going to get. The bottom line is that you need professional grade protection against sunlight at work.


Avoid Natural Distractions with Quality Window Treatments


When you can’t achieve proper control over heat or privacy levels, it can also prove an enormous distraction. We all understand how easy it can be to procrastinate when a deadline is looming. When the pressure is on and the work is difficult, almost any excuse will do to distract you and your employees from getting down to serious work. As the manager of a busy office, you can’t afford these delays. That’s why you should take some time to check out our huge selection of Toronto shades and blinds and the options that they offer in order to reduce distraction in the work environment.


Aesthetics And Practicality


Window treatments in an office need not be merely about practicality, because many work environments are designed to be aesthetically beautiful in order to create an environment that is conducive to stress reduction and increased productivity.


Managers are starting to realize that a work environment that promotes happiness is especially important for those who are engaged in creative work. So if you invest in an update to the latest window styles that you use at your business, it could actually help you to inspire more engaging work in your employees, as well as higher levels of productivity.


Reducing Screen Glare


Screen glare is the effect that occurs when the sun shines brightly off a computer screen and obscures your ability to see the screen. Glare is especially frustrating when your job involves reading and writing, because it makes your job difficult if not impossible. While constantly squinting at a surface that allows for poor vision probably won’t damage your eye sight, it can cause extra strain that may even lead to headaches and other medical problems.

If you need to reduce screen glare on a sunny day in the office, there are many excellent options among the selection here at Toronto’s source for Hunter Douglas window treatments that are designed specifically to offer superior light control. For example, one of the best ways to gain control over the way that the sun’s rays enter an office space is to install custom Luminette shades.


Shades and Blinds in Repurposed Office Spaces


In urban centres, it is common for businesses seeking office space to repurpose an old factory building and renovate it into an industrial, open concept design. This kind of modern style office offers many advantages, including:


  • Inexpensive Real Estate
  • Attractive Contemporary Aesthetic
  • Large Bright Windows
  • Often Located in New Development Areas Near Trendy Condos and Businesses


Unfortunately, old buildings can introduce a few problems as well. One of these is that it can be difficult to find the appropriate treatments to properly cover large industrial scale windows. That’s why it is so important to consider installing custom built window treatments in your office.

The Solution: Custom Window Treatments for Commercial Spaces


It is essential that the window treatments that you add to any home or commercial location are built to fit your windows appropriately in order to properly control light. Blinds or shades that do not properly fit run the risk of appearing dishevelled or worn out. They may consequently lose the ability to function as they were designed, and prevent you from being able to precisely control the way that light enters.


When you order your window treatments to be custom built by Affordable Blinds, you’ll guarantee that you don’t have to worry about unwanted light entering your workplace at any time. That’s because custom window treatments are fitted to the exact measurements of any window and are professionally installed to ensure proper functioning.


Managing a successful team of employees takes an ability to recognize the right set of skills, a drive to achieve, and a capacity to work together – but that’s not all that it takes. You also need to be sensitive to the proper working conditions that will either prevent or enable a team to perform at their best. Take a moment today to re-evaluate the window coverings in your workplace. A small investment today, could end up saving your company thousands of working hours down the road.