Buying Window Treatments for Christmas

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Buying Window Treatments for Christmas

This year, treat your spouse and family to a whole new house with a complete redesign of your windows. There’s no better gift for a family than an improvement to the home that makes your living space more comfortable and more beautiful.


You’ll even be able to save money by gaining better control of the heat that enters your home in order to reduce your power bill and help the environment. Your window upgrade might even lead to a full-on home makeover in 2020, which you can plan out with the help of your loved ones.


What Makes Blinds and Shades a Great Christmas Gift?


If you’re unsure what to give your family, it’s always a great idea to do something to improve your home, and Christmas makes an excellent time of year to consider installing one of Toronto’s latest styles for window treatments and custom built window coverings. Not only will your family be thrilled with their newly designed rooms, but you’ll also save money by buying a practical item for your home as a Christmas present.


A Gift that Keeps on Giving


When your home looks better, it helps everyone to feel better in general. A home upgrade is something that every single member of your family can appreciate and is guaranteed to use on a day-to-day basis. Just think how exciting it will be to reveal an absolutely gorgeous new palette of colours in your living room, kitchen or even in every room in your home!


The Perfect Time of Year for Upgrades


There’s no better time of year than Christmas to upgrade your window treatments with a better option from your source for Hunter Douglas window treatments and custom installation. When you reinvigorate your living space with fresh new colours, it can really help everyone in your household to fight the winter blahs.

Throughout the winter we all tend to take in less light due to the shorter days and frightful weather, but when you install shades or blinds that have been custom built to match your windows exactly, you’ll be giving you and your family more control over how much light they can get.


Getting More Light into Your Home


One of the best things that you can to do bring your family more light is to install custom window coverings that help you and your family to gain more control over how much light enters your home. Some window shades like pirouette and luminette shades are specifically designed to let light inside in a way that allows more control and looks impressive.

So you really can’t go wrong with a window covering upgrade at the beginning of the winter season. That’s why you should see our new options for window products right now – it could even improve your health.


Saving Money on Your Power Bill


It’s also an excellent idea because the right choice in window treatment can help you to save money on your power bill, so it’s important to install smart energy conservation window treatments early on in the winter season, before the full force of the colder months really picks up.

And when you save money on running your home, you’ll have something extra saved up to spend on your family later. That’s like two gifts in one!


Help the Environment with Natural Heat


When you use your window coverings to help bring more light into your home, you’ll also be able to bring more heat into your home. Simply by increasing the temperature of your home by allowing more natural light inside during the daytime, you can significantly reduce your expensive winter power bill.

Eventually, your new window treatments may even pay for themselves. An added bonus is that reducing the amount of power you consume by using natural alternatives will also help to reduce carbon emissions, which can help to save the planet.


Get Creative with Christmas Wrapping


Imagine how fun and festive your home will feel if you get creative with the Christmas wrapping you use for your new window treatments. If you have new shades or blinds installed over the holiday season – preferably in the days leading up to Christmas – then you could wrap them up like giant gifts in time for Christmas morning.

Simply install the wrapping paper of your choice over your new window treatments and add a few trimmings like ribbon or large gift tags – from Santa, of course.


Your family will be excited to see this extra abundance in décor and find out that it is actually a gift that will make their home more comfortable and more beautiful. If you don’t have the time to go to these lengths, you can always let your window coverings do the work of imitating wrapping paper and only adding ribbons, bows and tags to make your window treatments resemble large gifts.

Now all you have to do is find a way to get your family out of the home while you get your new treatments installed!


The New Year is an Excellent Time for a Change


Another aspect of this time of year that makes it the perfect time to upgrade your window treatments is that 2020 is right around the corner. Don’t forget that as the holidays come to a close, you’ll also be celebrating New Year’s Eve – the traditional time of year to make a few positive changes in your life. One of the best ways to help reinforce the feeling of a new lifestyle is to add window treatments that will bring more light into your home and provide a reminder of your new goals each day.


Large Selection of Options


Here at Affordable Blinds, you can choose between a wide range of products in order to find exactly what you need for you home. Once you’ve decided on a design and colour to suit your home’s décor, your window treatments can be custom built to fit the dimensions of your windows perfectly. Custom window treatments are the best choice in order to ensure the maximum level of control over light, heat and privacy, as well as a perfect fit.


Christmas is a time of giving, but why not give a practical option that you and your family can continue to enjoy for years to come. This year, treat your family to gorgeous new window coverings.