Choosing Pet-Friendly Window Coverings

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We all love our pets, but every once and awhile Rover and Whiskers get up to bad behaviour. They make messes on your carpets, tear up your furniture or destroy your expensive, new dress shoes. Sadly, those gorgeous window coverings that you’ve spent so long picking out and getting just right can also become a target of misplaced pet hijinks.

Our pets deserve forgiveness—after all, they share our space and it’s their house too. As much as we absolutely love the gorgeous window coverings we offer, even we have to admit sometimes that they’re only objects and can be replaced.

If you’ve just come home to a disaster area, then you might want to check out our great prices on blinds right away – but since everyone would rather avoid the problem altogether, it might also be a good ideas to check out some tried and tested advice on how to cope with the problem before it begins!

pet friendly window coverings

Pet Mentality


Any time you feel angry with your pet, try to consider it an opportunity to rethink the issue through their perspective. What we think of as poor pet behaviour is almost always caused by something that pet needs that we’ve failed to provide.

Cats and dogs that are stuck inside all day have to cope with an environment that’s abundantly less stimulating than the great outdoors. They make due the best they can with their surroundings. When your window coverings get damaged, it isn’t because your pet knows you’re getting the best prices on Hunter Douglas shades and is trying to get revenge, it’s more likely that they’re under-stimulated.

Coping Strategies

The main reason cats and dogs go near blinds is because they want to see what’s going on in the outside world. This causes pets to either go through window coverings or around them, which can easily cause damage to more fragile varieties of blinds and shades. One way to avoid damage is to uncover windows while you’re away from home. Blinds often contain control strings, which makes an irresistible cat toy—so make sure these enticing parts are tucked away as well.

Pet Resistant Blinds

Another option is to choose a design that’s more durable to pets – like our wood or faux wood blinds.
Lighter fabrics are a favourite target of cats looking to use window coverings as a playground. While it may seem easy to avoid purchasing a fragile material, it’s a good idea to learn about our window coverings in further detail because some lighter metal blinds – while wonderful for controlling sunlight – can suffer damage from pets more easily than the robust varieties. While you may never prevent any damage whatsoever, a harder material and a more durable frame will certainly minimize your problem—giving you mere scratches rather than rips.

At the end of the day, it may be impossible to keep some pets away from your window coverings. In an extreme case, you may have to resort to closing doors to keep pets out of rooms with nicer furnishings while you’re away from home. If you’re worried about the comfort of your pets, consider dedicating a basement room entirely to them while no one is at home.