Choosing Window Coverings for Your Bedroom

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When deciding on window coverings, each room of your home presents its own unique concerns and challenges. Those new to interior design often overlook the need for variation within the home, but this mistake can result in a dull and drab appearance that’s lacking in personality and fails to reflect the tastes of the people who live there.


Building a Bedroom with a Personality


To build a bedroom with a personality, you need to ensure that the design you choose properly reflects your own tastes. Here at Affordable Blinds, we offer many options in the latest styles for interior window treatments for you to choose from, so it shouldn’t be very difficult to find something that’s unique and capable of impressing as well.

Getting Help from the Experts


That said, it isn’t uncommon for a large selection of options to leave you feeling the need to get help with your interior design from an interior décor and installation expert. Keep in mind that you can always call us today to get help deciding between the latest options in order to find out what will best suit your bedroom.


But even with help, it’s important that these styles reflect and accentuate your own personality. At the end of the day, you have to enjoy living in your home and feeling comfortable there. Styles that are too unfamiliar could end up causing you to feel out-of-place in your own home. That’s why we recommend that you follow your intuition above all else.


The Functional Aspect of Bedroom Window Treatments


Window treatments can look great and do wonders to make you feel at home in your own house and to show off your own tastes, but you should never overlook the many practical functions that they are also designed to fulfill. In the bedroom, certain functions become more important than others. One of the top priorities for customers choosing bedroom window treatments is how well they handle privacy.




Not only is it desirable to be able to achieve a high level of privacy when it is required, but blinds or shades in the bedroom should also allow easy control over visibility during times when privacy is less of a concern. Unlike the other rooms in your home, versatility is paramount when it comes to the issue of privacy for bedroom window coverings. For this reason, roller shades or Venetian blinds are a common choice among those who wish to have more control over their privacy, while still enjoying all of the benefits of the most elegant window covering designs.

Light Control


The function of window treatments should never be merely an either/or option. With an expertly designed window covering, it should be possible to allow light to flow into your bedroom while maintaining a desirable amount of privacy. Some of the options that are best at maintaining this balance include:


  • Silhouette Shades
  • Luminette Shades
  • Pirouette Shades


Heat Control


Since your bedroom tends to be located on the upper levels of your home, this is a room where heat control presents more of a pressing concern. When your bedroom becomes too hot at night, it can be difficult to achieve a consistent sleep, which can lead to health problems and poor productivity at work during the day.


The answer is to keep heat control in mind when purchasing your new bedroom window treatments. One of the easiest ways to control temperature with your window coverings is to purchase options that are able to properly block out sunlight during the day. Most Roman Shades are able to accomplish this goal, but another option is to try wood or vinyl interior shutters. The same kind of technique can be employed during the winter months in order to keep your house warm.

Managing Your Power Bill Naturally

The ability to control heat with your window coverings can also have a dramatic effect on your power bill. If you are able to adjust your window coverings to allow for the maximum amount of heat to enter your home, even during times when you want the cover of privacy, then it will prevent you from having to use up as much electricity or other expensive sources of heat during the cold months. This natural way to control the climate of your home can also contribute to fewer greenhouse emissions in general, allowing you to run your household in a more environmentally-friendly manner.


Blocking UV Rays


While most blinds provide excellent protection against the sun when their slats are closed, certain varieties of shades offer better resistance against UV rays and glare than others. If you live in an area where UV protection is more of a concern – yet you absolutely love the look of shades – you should consider the option of sheer shades or blackout shades.


Maintain Consistency in Each Room


When it comes to function, we all want our window treatments to work properly, in the exact same way, to achieve the purposes for which they were designed. When it comes to style, on the other hand, things can get a lot more exciting regarding options and originality.

There isn’t any particular set of rules that you need to follow regarding the style of window covering that you add to your bedroom. If you’re just starting out,  it may be best to just keep things simple. You’ll find out that one small change can really transform the feel of any room. If you’re looking for elegant options in blinds to lighten your room, you may be interested in adding one of the following options:


  • Venetian Blinds
  • Panel Track Blinds
  • Vertical Blinds
  • Wood and Faux Wood Blinds
  • Aluminum Blinds


No matter what room you have that requires new window treatments, you’re going to want to make sure that you achieve both a satisfying style and a useful level of control over function. Remember, if you try something out and decide later that it really doesn’t work for you then you can always just pick out something else and try again. Soon enough, you may just start feeling like an expert.