Christmas Edition: Blinds & Shades For The Holidays!

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Is there someone in your life who is totally oblivious to fashion? To the interior design in their home and the joys of a put-together, organized space? Perhaps someone who still owns a beanbag chair and wears cargo shorts? If so, this Christmas could be the perfect opportunity to treat them to a consultation and some new Hunter Douglas Shades from our design specialists at Affordable Blinds.  

Christmas shopping is always difficult, knowing exactly what someone wants is incredibly difficult – knowing what will pleasantly surprise them is even harder! The trick is to buy someone a gift that they would never buy for themselves, but something that they would greatly appreciate. Window treatments and coverings make for great gifts because they are something that you literally enjoy every day.

Often times when people move into a home or apartment, they are left with window treatments of a very poor quality. Window treatments are considered an afterthought when you are looking at making a property your home, however, once you are living somewhere the shades and blinds make a considerable difference to the atmosphere of the space.

While most people think of window treatments as merely functional, as a tool to block out the light, they are so much more than that. As we discussed in a separate post this month, the texture and amount of natural light that you allow to filter into your space can affect your mood and overall productivity. Living in Canada is fantastic in December, because our environment reflects the spirit of Christmas so well, however, it also entails gloomy darkness which only begins to reverse itself at the Winter Solstice on December 21st. If you purchase a new set of elegant blinds for a friend or family member, ones that filter in a healthy amount of light, you could be seriously improving their quality of life!

While we understand the important function of thick curtains in the winter months to keep out the cold, when you’re home in the morning and on weekends it’s nice to have the option to invite light into your space without being subjected to the glaring brightness of the winter sun (especially if it’s reflecting off of the gleaming snow and ice). Thus, have secondary shades in addition to your curtains is our recommendation to just about anyone who isn’t a vampire.

We carry Hunter Douglas products because, quite simply, they are the best at what they do. HD have been making blinds for over fifty years, and the attention to detail shows that they are expert craftspeople who do not cut corners. They also offer their shades under a limited warranty – their products are extremely durable, but you can’t always plan for life’s surprises!

Visit our products page to read up on the three different types of shades that they offer: Silhouette, Luminette and Pirouette; each type of shade has its own distinct style and function and within each of these products there is plenty of room for colour and customization.

Don’t give a thoughtless gift this winter – give us a call and give a loved one the gift of style!

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