Create The Ultimate Man Cave For Father’s Day

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With June just around the corner, Father’s Day is approaching quickly. This year, it’s held on June 18. Before you know it, the big day will be here, and the crew at Affordable Blinds wants to make sure you’re ready to spoil dad rotten this year. If you haven’t thought about what you’ll get him yet, consider making the perfect man cave for him and his buddies.

Tradition says you should get him masculine and practical gifts, but these ideas manifest in tired and clichéd gifts. We’re talking ties, aftershave, and tools — even a novelty mug claiming the owner is the best dad in the world. If you’re guilty of giving these as presents, rotating one for another each year until you’re back with the item you started with, it’s time to shake up a few things. Your dad has enough ties to last him a lifetime. He may not have a place where he can get away from everything and enjoy some peace and quiet.

Though the man cave has received a lot of flak in the press, there’s some science backing up these trendy ‘dad only’ rooms. A recent study conducted by the University of Southern California has found that men who have a private place to unwind are less likely to feel stressed out — which means your dad is performing an act of self-care every time he retreats to check the score of the Jays game.

If you’re having a little trouble figuring how to curate the best cave for your pop, use the famous examples of NASCAR’s Mike Skinner or CC Sabathia of the New York Yankees. Skinner repurposed his garage and fitted it with a full kitchen and bar, as well as a space to play pool and music. Meanwhile Sabathia converted his basement into the ultimate home theatre, replete with TVs, surround sound, a full bar. And, let’s not forget, Yankee memorabilia all over the walls.

While you may not have the same budget as Skinner or Sabathia, you can still tailor the look of their cave according to their interests. For example, if they’re a die-hard member of Leaf Nation, despite them losing out on the playoffs 50 years after their last Stanley Cup win, then make sure the Toronto Maple Leafs show prominently in their cave. It’s all about choosing décor, accessories, and furniture that fit their tastes and hobbies.

Once you’re ready to tackle their windows, make sure you give us a call. One of our design consultants are ready to help you choose the perfect set of blinds, shutters, or shades to complement the design you and your family has created. They’ll take you through our huge selection of the trendiest window treatments, so you can find one that fits both their style and your budget.

We even have installation covered, so you don’t have to worry about mounting them straight and level. Our installation experts will make a home visit and ensure everything is up within an afternoon. All you have to do is pick up the phone before the 18th, and we’ll make sure your dad gets spoiled this father’s day.

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