Easter Blinds: Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

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easter blinds

The approach of Spring is a sign of the continual cycle of change that we all experience through the year. When it comes to picking out window treatments, change is one of the most important factors that you need to keep in mind. Don’t settle for window treatments that are built to deliver only one function. You also shouldn’t need to choose between function and style. At Affordable Blinds, you can get everything you need in a window treatment that’s designed to suit your needs through the entire year.


Beginning Steps in Choosing Window Treatments

Sometimes those shopping for blinds and shades for the first time forget that different weather throughout the year will require different features for controlling light and heat. It is also a good idea to keep in mind the stylistic changes that you may introduce to your home over time. That’s why flexibility is one of the most important factors to consider when buying new window treatments.


Getting Expert Advice


Here at your source for blinds in Toronto and beyond, you can get all the help you need when looking for the perfect window treatments for your home. You can also order a custom installation to guarantee that your new blinds or shades are perfectly suited to whatever window designs that you may need to accommodate. Simply get in contact with an expert from our team to find out everything you need to know about choosing your new blinds or shades.


How Seasonal Change Can Impact Your Windows


One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to pick out new window treatments based entirely on how your rooms look in the moment. At this time of year, a prolonged winter season can keep you focussed on heating your home and bringing in as much light as possible.


If these are the only factors that influence the way that your window coverings function, then you’ll end up in trouble once the hot weather comes along and you need to block out heat and light. If there’s one thing that Spring reminds us of, its seasonal change and for those interested in new window treatments, it’s a good idea to listen up.

More Options Available to You

One of the reasons that we offer such a wide range of high quality options is that Affordable Blinds firmly believes that no one should have to make sacrifices when it comes to decorating their windows. When you check out our huge selection of window treatments and consider all of the options that are available to you, you should easily be able to find an option that fills all of the criteria on your list – whether that involves stylistic or more practical features.

Heating Your Home and Saving on Power Bills


That said, one of the most useful yet overlooked things that professionally built window coverings can offer is better control over the heat that enters or exits you home. When it comes to your ability to control temperature fluctuations naturally, your windows are the weakest link.


The good news is that you can buy window treatments designed specifically to allow you to control how much heat is able to enter or exit your rooms. When the temperature is extra cold, window treatments with extra insulation can help you to save money on your expensive winter power bill. For the warmer months, you may want to consider shades or blinds that help to keep the heat locked out and allow you to run your air conditioner for less time.


You can even buy a window covering that proves you with the ability to allow light inside while preventing heat or cool air from escaping. Unless you live in an area that really only experiences one type of extreme climate, it will be important to keep the changing seasons in mind. Most likely, your best bet will be a design that provide a high level of insulation along with control over the amount of light you want at any particular time of day.


Controlling Light Through the Day


While the changing weather through the year should have an enormous bearing in the design of window treatment that you choose for your home, there are other time periods that should impact your decisions as well. In fact, when it comes to the light that enters your home, you will probably want to make minute adjustments throughout the day as the sky changes.


The ability of control how light enters your home may be a matter of functionality, but given how great an impact on the mood and personality of a room that light can have, it should factor into your design plan as well.


Professional Design Features


If you’re looking for new Hunter Douglas window coverings before Easter, you still have time to find the best option to match your interior décor and have them professionally built to match your existing windows.


While it’s easy to get caught up with the décor of the season and forget that you’ll want to match your treatments with your interior as it changes throughout the year, the help of a professional can ensure that you avoid any such pitfalls. They will also remind you of the more practical aspects of window coverings so that yours will have the best options.  


Don’t end up with melted chocolate eggs on Easter morning! Installing the proper blinds or shades will help you to gain better control over the amount of heat that enters or exits your home. During seasons that experience a great deal of fluctuation in temperature – like spring or autumn – it helps to attain greater control over your windows.


Proper window treatments with a custom installation can also help you to gain better privacy control as well as care regarding the amount of light that comes in and the type of light. Contact us to find out more about any of these features and get help picking out the perfect window treatment design to have custom installed in your home.