Energy Efficient Shades for the Winter Season

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The winter months are a unique time of year when it comes to windows. Frequent changes in temperature occur outdoors and the amount of light that’s available to enter your home shifts dramatically. These changes necessitate window coverings that offer optimal control over the amount of heat and light you let indoors.

On the other hand, winter conjures sharp, contrasting tones and can evoke strong feelings. These can be unique for each person, but they have a large impact on your interior décor. If you’re a person that embraces winter’s stark shades of white and gray, then you’ll want your interior to reflect that pristine feel of newly fallen snow. If your heart is set on escaping the outdoor cold, and getting cozy by the fire, then you’ll want to counteract the winter theme with warm colours.

winter energy saving tips

The key to window coverings in the winter lies in finding a brand like Hunter Douglas shades that you can trust to offer beautiful designs without sacrificing effective control over energy efficiency. Of course, you’re already here, which means you’ve found the best in quality and style at excellent prices and a large inventory to choose from. All that remains is to decide what type of window covering will offer you the greatest energy efficiency and the maximum in light control, without any sacrifice to the design of your preference.  

People are often drawn to choose between blinds and shades merely because they’re familiar with one style already, but it’s important to get a better sense of the advantages that each type has to offer your home before making a purchase. While blinds offer the greatest control over light, certain types are less useful at insulating your windows. Alternatively, shades can provide a rich amount of colour to your home and are very effective at completely blocking light out. An excellent compromise can be found in honeycomb shades, which provide powerful energy efficiency and a unique design, as well as optimal light control for winter.

That said, the best way you can learn everything you need to know to allow you to make the best choice is to call us today to see what we have available in stock and get in-depth advice on what window covering will work best for the needs of your home.

The control you have over light can have a dramatic effect on the energy efficiency of your home, which will influence your power bill in turn. So will the level of insulation that your window coverings can achieve – for these reasons, you won’t want to wait to get new blinds this fall when there’s still a good deal of winter weather ahead of us this year.

When it becomes intensely cold outside, it might seem intuitive to want to keep as much heat and light indoors as possible, but since snow acts as an insulator and reflects light back at your house, you can also overdo it. That said, shorter winter days offer fewer hours when you can harness the power of the sun to help to direct its heat towards lowering your power bill.

The key to choosing window coverings for use through the winter is to get more control over the light and heat that enters your home. Get in touch with us today to discuss whether your new windows coverings can achieve this best. After all, the sooner you replace your window coverings, the sooner you’ll start to save money.