Fall And Winter Fashion Trends For Window Coverings

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One way to stay on-style and to give you home a rejuvenating burst of energy is to update your window coverings. We like to decorate, replace small pieces of furniture, sometimes give a room a new lick of paint, but our windows are often sadly neglected. Strangely, a totally revamped set of blinds, drapes, or shades can radically redefine your décor, embrace the season, and transform how you enjoy and think of your personal space.

Embrace the coming winter (and another polar vortex of cold) by experimenting with layering your window! Layer up with dissimilar or mismatching textures, or invest in something you can really feel, like suede, leather, wool, and beyond. Having many ruffled, gathered, and furled layers is really fashion forward, but it also has a cozy, comforting appearance for those cold days and nights. When it gets frosty, people tend to put on more than one layer of clothing, so do the same with your home by stacking fabrics. This added insulation will help you retain heat, as glass tends to lose warmth if it’s not covered. Speaking of comfort — woven fabrics are still quite chic, and will add a slightly retro, 70s and 80s feel to your home. The denser and thicker the material, the more you’ll gain in insulation, giving you another heat-saving benefit. For even extra energy savings, go for honeycomb (cellular) shades. Whatever you choose, we’ve got something for you at Affordable Blinds; head online to see the wide range of products we have for sale.

As fall and winter are cooler months, a more neutral interior colour palette will work best for your living, dining, sleeping, and other areas. If you start with a neutral base, you can really make striking statements with bold colours like rich purples and blues. If you want to reflect all the stunning splendor of the fall season, then look for reds, oranges, mustards, browns, and other colours that call to mind changing leaves and sweater weather. Anything earthy will make your home seem alive with autumnal energy. For this winter, try using turquoise, sky blue, pearl white, light tan and beige, light stone, sandy or pecan brown, or venetian reds—anything earthy and natural on one hand, or airy and light on the other that summons to mind icy fields, snow-covered hills, and frozen bodies of water and the awesome contrasts you get with changing leaves and barren fields. You can then use a dramatic swath of colour to offer a beautiful contrast to your pale or winter-themed palette.

So many different fabrics, textures, and colours can be found by perusing our stock here at Affordable Blinds. We’ll make sure that your room (or entire home) reflects the fashion-forward trends of the moment and the hottest styles for the changing seasons. Call today to get an instant quote or to talk to one of our associates, and let your window treatments give you a stunning boost to your home décor.