Final Thoughts On Window Décor For The Autumn Season

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Last month, our 2018 Autumn Style Guide offered design suggestions with a focus on the changes in mood that accompany this coming season. As the days get shorter, the skies get dark earlier, so it’s important to respond to the gradual loss of summer sun by brightening your interior living spaces and maintaining a positive mood throughout the approaching winter. Not to worry – here at Toronto’s premiere shop at home service, we’ve got you covered for seasonal updates!

Let’s take this thought further: don’t forget that you’ll also want any new design considerations to reflect the occasional decorating that inevitably arrives with Fall holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving. That means you’ll be moving towards warm, earthy tones like oranges, reds, and browns while avoiding clashes with last Spring’s outmoded loud colours. Actually, why not take the opportunity right now to take a look at our current best prices on Hunter Douglas shades while these suggestions are fresh in your mind? Whatever colour scheme you settle on, it’s important to highlight the look of your permanent furnishing décor.

Another aspect of window design you won’t want to overlook this Fall is an inevitable change in the focus of your living space. The arrival of cool weather means more time spent indoors, enjoying the beauty of autumn from the comfort of your living room. You’ll be moving away from sunny patios and lawns, and into your home. But no one wants to miss out on the arrival of colourful autumn leaves! While your guests and family are warm and cozy inside, their focus will be drawn to the beauty of your yard and outside surroundings. Don’t forget that this means they’ll also be looking at your windows! So don’t expose them to out-of-fashion or worn out décor – it’s time for an update!

What better time than the arrival of a new season to consider giving your home an affordable and easy makeover by replacing or adding to your existing window coverings? And what better time to update your home than right away, while you can take advantage of the great prices on new blinds offered at Affordable Blinds!

Things to Consider when Updating Window Décor

Just to recap, the three essential things to consider when installing new window décor in the Fall are

1) brightening up your living space

2) reflecting the warm, earthy moods of Fall

3) extra attention paid to your windows

In the autumn, you should really start to consider your windows as the centrepiece of your living space. As the centre focal point of attention, you’ll want to show your guests the highest quality of woods and fabrics in order to accentuate your existing furnishings. As a first step, we recommend you learn about our window coverings and take a look at our current great prices.

Take Advantage of a Professional Design Consultation

Remember, the Affordable Blinds Blog may be rife with stellar ideas on how to decorate your home and what to consider when making new purchases. But no amount of web surfing is any substitute for the advice of a professional, coming to see you and your home in person. Just think about how our professionals can help make your decorating ideas a reality by working with you beyond design consultation, through the measuring and pricing stage, and ultimately finding the perfect unique fit for your home. Let’s make things as simple as possible with a full installation – hands-free for you!