Furnishing a New Home with Window Treatments

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Furnishing a New Home with Window Treatments

Moving into a new home requires an incredible amount of work. After you’ve started sorting through your moving boxes and placing your furniture, you’ll probably find out that there are all kinds of new things that you need for your new home that you didn’t even consider. While decorations, rugs, antiques and kitchen appliances may all fit just as well in your new home as in your old one, the one thing that really works much better when replaced are your window coverings.


Personal Design Choices


Every house has a unique personality and that requires specific furnishing and décor choices that combine the space you own with the styles you love. One of the first things that your guests will notice before and after they enter your home will be your window treatments.


Shades and blinds may not be the centerpiece to any room, but they are omnipresent complements to whatever centerpiece each room might contain. With a décor item that prevalent, you’ll want to ensure that you’re making the correct choices.


Start Preparing Early


If the purchase of your new home has just closed and you’re looking for ways to make the entire transition easier, then you’ll probably want to get new blinds this spring so you can ensure that you’ll be ready for the summer. Starting early will help you to develop an overall plan for your interior design on the whole to guarantee that you pick out the style of window treatment that will best fit into each room.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions


There are a few important decisions that every new home owner needs to consider in order to get the right blinds to fit their property perfectly. Some of the design considerations that are most important to review before you purchase window treatments include:


  • Keep Function in Mind When Choosing Between Blinds and Shades
  • Beautiful, High-quality Window Coverings Should Be Affordable
  • Windows Coverings Can Be Used to Naturally Control Light and Heat
  • Design Consultations Can Be an Enormous Asset


When you start off on the right track by considering the wider applications of you window coverings, it will be more likely that you’ll end up with choices that you’ll appreciate for years to come.


Expert Consultations


If you have a good idea of the features that you’d like your window coverings to offer but are having trouble finding the right style for your home, then you can get help from the interior design consultation services that we offer before you place your order. Working with an interior design consultant can ensure that you get a wide range of choices that are hand-picked to best complement the structural features and interior design plans for your home.


The Benefits of Custom Made


Setting up an entire new house isn’t just hard work, it also requires hundreds of decisions that you’ll have to live with in the upcoming years. Given that you’ve likely saved up to put a down payment on your new home and have new mortgage payments to consider, the last thing that you want is to make an expensive decision that is going to turn our poorly in the end.

You can get help with your interior design from our style experts regarding specific decisions that you may want to apply to your custom made window coverings. Choosing custom built and installed window treatments will help to ensure that your blinds or shades perfectly fit the size and shape of your existing  windows. This will guarantee that your window coverings function at their highest capacity regarding privacy and also look perfectly suited to your home.


A Wide Range of Options


The first thing that most people think about when deciding on window coverings are the styles and colours that will best match their interior décor plans. That’s where Affordable Blinds can be an extraordinary help, given the enormous selection of quality window coverings on offer. You can also trust that you’ll have access to the most trusted, highest quality brands and expert help for any consultations or installation services that you may require.


Considering Better Light Control


While looks are always important, you should never overlook the functioning of your window coverings. For many people, the main purpose of any window treatment may be considered to be privacy, but the control over light may become a more concerning issue depending on the direction your windows are face and the angles at which they are positioned.


Different designs in window treatments effect the different ways that you can control the light that enters you home. For example, some blinds are designed to be able to block out light entirely, while others – such as Silhouette and Luminette Blinds – offer home owners the ability to subtly control the ambiance provided by the natural light entering you home.


Lower Your Power Bills with Heat Control


Another aspect of window treatment function that is all too often overlooked is how dramatic an impact that your shades or blinds can have on controlling the heat in your home. During the colder winter months, when heating bills tend to soar, window treatments designed to conserve energy within your home can provide you with a natural way to save on your heating bill.


Blocking the Sun to Keep Cool


Likewise, during the hot summer months, treatments designed to block out the sun can help you to keep your home cooler without wasting energy and money by artificially conditioning your indoor climate.


If you live in a climate that experiences extreme temperatures or vast fluctuations in weather, then it is especially important to invest in custom fitted window coverings in order to ensure the maximum capability in heat and light control. Blinds and shades that are not built specifically for the windows they cover let more heat escape, so if you’re looking to control whether heat can enter or exit your home,


The window coverings that you select will depend largely on which aspects of functionality that you require in your home. Consider the features that you desire most and then get in touch with a design consultant about finding those features in a style that will best fit your new home.