Give Your Mom an Interior Makeover for Mother’s Day

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This year on mother’s day, while you’re racking your brain about what to give a mom who has everything, ask yourself this question: when the last time was that your mom had an interior makeover co-designed by the both of you? If you start by asking in a subtle way, a project as unobtrusive as adding new window treatments to a small room could turn into a refreshing new look for your mother’s whole home.


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Convincing Your Mom


This idea will sound amazing to some moms, but others will be less open to change. If your mother hasn’t altered her window coverings since you were growing up in her house, then you may feel the need to be persistent.

It will help if you’ve already helped your parents with renovations in the past. Some moms will be eager for this gift, some will take convincing and be thrilled with the result, some won’t be interested at all –

but when you show your mom some Affordable Blinds Window Treatments and the great deals to choose from, it won’t take much convincing. 


Offer to Pay


Your parents may have helped you to pay for things in your own home, but it won’t make much of a gift if you’re merely suggest something for your mother pay for herself. It will also help to talk over your plans with your father beforehand, in order to make sure that he’s on board with support.


Bringing a realistic budget for the project to your parents in advance will go a long way towards winning their approval – especially if you’re thinking of going all out and have been looking to buy California shutters in Toronto or another version of luxurious window coverings. California shutters are an excellent way to bring vintage design features to blend with modern craftsmanship.


Picking Out Window Coverings


The easiest way to get your mother-daughter project going is to start showing your mom window treatment designs early on. Your mom might be more familiar with catalogues than websites, but you’ll both have fun seeing how many more options are available when you use a laptop or tablet to get her online.


While you’re using new technology, it might help to remind her that window coverings have likely changed quite a bit since the last time she shopped for them. Window coverings come in three basic kinds – including blinds, shades, and rollers – so a good way to start is by deciding what type of window treatment your mom likes the best and proceed from there.


Bring in a Design Consultant


If you run into a dead end when it comes to ideas, end up having trouble agreeing, or are interested in having an expert ensure that the end result will be spectacular, then you and your mom might work together best with the help of an interior design consultant that specializes specifically in blinds in Toronto or around the greater Toronto area. Having a fresh set of eyes from a non-partisan interior design expert will guarantee that your project comes to fruition despite any snag and that the end result will be fantastic.

If you want a truly unique gift that will help to bring you closer to your mom, then a mother’s day window treatment upgrade will make for the perfect mother-daughter design project. Once your mom sees the end result, it could open up the door to an endless source of quality time spent together.