Harmonize Your Space For Peace Of Mind

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Some people may think that Feng Shui is a dish you can order at Dim Sum, but it is in fact a philosophy that goes way back in ancient Chinese history. The term Feng Shui gets tossed around a lot in our our western culture, and here on the blog, we thought it might be worthwhile to unpack the term and think about some of the implications. When considering our new options for window treatments and design concepts, we prefer our customers to take a holistic approach and consider what kind of energy they want to create in their home.

As far back as 4,000 BC, there is evidence that Chinese architects built tombs, palaces and religious temples along certain axes that held astrological significance. The philosophy of Feng Shui was part of the greater philosophy of Taosim, which asserts that there is a natural organizing principal in the universe, also translated as a ‘way to heaven.’ By building and designing structures based on certain principles prescribed by nature, one creates a certain harmony or web that draws together the inhabitants of the building, the building and nature at large.

As you can see from this brief description, Feng Shui is a pretty lofty concept that is more suited to academic studies than interior design, however, there is something valuable about considering the natural potential of a space when putting together interior design plans and considering how natural light (discussed in a separate post this month) will filter in and affect the mood. Affordable Blinds window treatments come in a wide variety of designs and colours, and since we offer design services as well, we can customize the blinds and shades in your home to match the energy that will create an optimal environment in which you can thrive.

When you take the trouble to create a good flow to the atmosphere in your home, you create a space where you can achieve peace of mind, relax after a long day at work or even focus and get down to some extra work at home. Obviously, entertaining friends is better when the mood in your space is right, so the more time you invest in fostering a positive energy in your space, the more it will pay off when you have visitors.

Furthermore, when you are proud of your home design and draw energy from the colours and design scheme, you will be more inclined to keep your space tidy and clean. Whether this means hiring a cleaning service or putting in the work yourself or with your family, keeping the space pristine will pay off. There are numerous studies that show a correlation between keeping your space clean and tidy and psychological well-being.

The direct translation of Feng Shui into English reads as “Wind Water”, and the art involves harnessing an elemental force called Qi by building structures in relation to stars and bodies of water. Our design experts aren’t exactly Taoist monks, but there is a wisdom in harmonizing your interior design with your inner personality and goals. Contact us today for more info on how to achieve design greatness in your home.

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