How You Can Save Energy By Updating Your Window Coverings

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Most people shop for blinds, drapes, shades, and other window dressings from Affordable Blinds merely for a fashionable update or to ensure privacy. Style and necessity motivate coming in for an upgrade or buying once and never thinking about windows again. But did you know that having stylish window coverings could also save you money on your energy bill? That even blinds and drapes have a role to play in being eco-friendly?

You probably learned all about the greenhouse effect in high school, right? Your glass windows are an amazing invention—they let you view the glories of the outside world, but they keep out the wind and weather. The downside? Glass traps and absorbs heat and radiation from the sun, meaning that it’s much hotter in a glass box than it would be in direct sunlight. That means if you’ve got large or numerous glass windows in a sunny climate, your house is going to absorb a lot of heat. On the other hand, thin panes of glass don’t make great insulators when it’s cold outside, or when the sun hides behind heavy clouds. You’ll often notice a draft around poorly fitted glass windows, or just an added chill.

Today we have what’s called the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) to measure how much heat is captured by glass. If the SHGC is too high in the summer, your air conditioner is going to be working overtime. If it’s really low, and it’s cold out, then your furnace or heating system will be maxed out. Basically—your windows are your home’s gateways for heat; they either lose it or attract too much of it!

The best way to trap or reject heat is through energy-efficient shades, installed by our friendly team at Affordable Blinds. If you measure and attach them properly so that they cover the pane completely, and they hang right against the glass, you’ll have maximum protection. Some shades come with a different colour on each side—face the lighter side against the sun during the summer and the darker side to absorb heat during the winter (just like wearing dark or light clothes makes a huge difference). Two-sided shades are also like having two coverings in one for added variety.

While shades and drapes are ideal for controlling light, blinds can also be extremely effective, helping to block almost half of the heat gain you’d receive if your windows were bare. With easy-to-adjust blinds, shades, and drapes, you can also save money on your energy bill by leaving all coverings open during periods of bright sunshine during the winter. This will save you from turning on lamps and overhead lights and reduce the amount of electricity you use! This practice actually has a name—it’s called “Daylighting.”

Another benefit you’ll receive from using blinds and shades to keep out the sun is your furniture will be protected from harmful UV rays. This will keep your couches, chairs, carpets, and other items looking as good as new for much longer. When looking to save and be energy conscious, check out our wide selection of Honeycomb and Roman shades to help you get started. Ask for help in set-up and installation and we can get your home saving money, heat, and energy in no time.