Let The Sun Shine In & Beat This Long-Lasting Winter

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We may have watched the clocks spring forward, but just one look outside shows us anything but spring-like weather. It’s Canada, and even in the GTA, last-minute March storms are par for the course. That doesn’t mean we have to like it!

It’s hard to stay positive as the winter drags on, but it can be nearly impossible for those suffering from SAD. SAD, or Seasonal Affective Disorder, is a form of depression that’s caused by bad weather. Don’t let this simple definition fool you. SAD can have a devastating effect on people’s mental health. When our bodies don’t get enough sunlight, it fails to produce the necessary quantities of hormones like serotonin. This feel-good neurotransmitter regulates our moods and impacts our feeling of well-being greatly. Without it, those suffering from SAD experience depression, anxiety, and fatigue.

These symptoms vary from case to case, but it isn’t helped by Canadian weather. Even with the extra hour of sunlight in the evening, some 1.5 million Canadians find it difficult to see the sun behind the clouds. If you suspect your bad mood is caused by the grey days of winter, we recommend you make an appointment with your family doctor.

While you wait to speak with a professional, we suggest you look over our SAD-fighting suggestions to keep your spirits up.

  • Though you may lack serotonin produced by the sun, you can increase other feel-good hormones by exercising. Getting your heart rate up releases endorphins that have a profound effect on your mood.
  • Fuel up with the right food. It may be tempting to eat those salty, fatty snacks and wash it down with a local IPA, but these foods are full of empty calories. It can be difficult to say no to these cravings, as an appetite for carbs is the body’s natural way to combat serotonin deficiencies. If you can, try to include as many complex proteins and leafy greens into your diet to make sure you’re getting the right fuel for your body. Though your mind thinks a bagel would be a better alternative, a colourful salad will go a lot further in terms of your health.
  • Capitalize on as much light as possible. We suggest you invest in a synthetic light box for your darkest rooms in your basement. These boxes have been proven to provide a successful alternative to the sun in the sky for those suffering from SAD, and they’re a brilliant way to brighten those areas of your home that don’t get a lot of sun. You should also make sure you aren’t sabotaging your home accidentally. Take a look at the treatments on your window and see if they’re blocking out natural light when they don’t have to.

We can’t exactly help you with your diet and exercise goals, nor can we do anything about the weather in the GTA. But our team can certainly help you address your light control needs. Our selection of blinds, shades, and shutters include a variety of treatments that can increase the amount of natural light you let into your home without sacrificing on things like privacy. Just give us a call and explain your dilemma, and one of our design experts will show you the best solutions for your light needs. Give us a call when you’re ready to let as much light shine in as possible. We can help you find beautiful window coverings that help brighten your home and your mood.

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