Light Control During Winter Months

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The winter months are the longest and darkest, so you’ve got to do everything you can to take advantage of the way light enters your home. Luckily, there are a large variety of options available in window coverings that are built specifically to help you gain more control over the way light enters your home and will improve your winter mood.

The best place to start considering these options is at the Affordable Blinds website, where we offer an enormous selection in beautiful shades, blinds and shutters. Choosing a new window covering scheme involves a variety of considerations, including ease of installation, privacy, and how a particular style will fit into your home. While our current focus is on controlling the amount of light that enters through your windows, it’s not a bad idea to remember to keep these other concerns in mind at all times.

light control during winter months

Improve Your Mood

While it may seem obvious, window coverings are often overlooked as a way to combat the lack of natural light that comes with the winter season. A stylish update can improve your mood in two ways: 1) allowing more light into your living space will increase your levels of vitamin D to help you avoid seasonal affective disorder, and 2) not only will purchasing new home décor freshen your living space –  it will also make you feel good just to be immersed in a great new look!

Privacy Versus Opacity

Choosing a new design in window coverings is often a matter of translucence versus opacity – in other words, letting light in versus a feeling of privacy. Most blinds are designed with this choice in mind and attempt to overcome the need to settle on just one option. The strategy here is to allow for light to get in when you want light while blocking the light when you want your coverings closed. Blinds made of sturdy materials, like thick fabrics, metal or wood, are optimal for providing this best-of-both-worlds scenario, and they can often be adjusted to create a satisfying compromise.

Shades And Fabrics

An alternative strategy to the all-or-nothing, one-at-a-time solution provided by blinds is to opt for fabrics that allow light to pass through, but also effectively shield the view into your home. Silhouette, Luminette or Pirouette shades are all excellent options in Hunter Douglas shades because they are made from fabrics that allow light inside while giving you control over your privacy as well. When considering the best fabric for you, not only will you want to think about lighting but also style and texture.

Controlling Light All Year Long
While we’ve been considering how important it is to have more control over the amount of light that enters your home during the winter, keep in mind that you’ll continue to appreciate these features throughout the year. For example, you’ll appreciate your ability to control how light enters a room during the night, when unwanted exterior lighting may be bothersome. When the long days of summer finally roll around, you’ll be thankful you invested in new window coverings that have the ability to block out the sun as well.

Now that you’ve overviewed some options in light control, why not put your new expertise to use by getting rid of those old window coverings that aren’t doing you any favours! Why not check out our window treatments at Affordable Blinds right now?