Luminescence, Privacy, Style: The Best Options in Window Treatments

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Have you ever looked out at a group of luxury high rise condos and stood in awe of all of the window decor? If you have, chances are that you were standing in a condo building yourself, probably high above a city with a gorgeous view. The likelihood of enjoying such an experience has grown immensely in recent years as cities all over the world continue to realize the practicalities and comforts of condo living.


Achieving the Perfect Balance


The amount of privacy you require depends entirely on where you live. If you’re in a gorgeous new condo building, then you’re going to want to ensure that you get the privacy you need when you want it. You’ll also want to be able to easily control the various functions offered by your window treatments, so that you can also enjoy the view and control the amount of light that enters your home as needed. That said, no feature offered by any style of window treatment should mean that anyone has to sacrifice style.



Getting Personal

That’s why choosing the best window treatments for your home has a lot to do with balancing the appropriate amount of luminescence, privacy, and style. When you achieve the perfect balance that you’re after, you’ll know you have found the blinds or shades that will work best for you. Sometimes this means that one of these three factors takes a more prominent position than the others. Just remember, when it comes to your home, it all has to do with what you’re personally going to enjoy the most.


Getting the Latest Designs


If you’re interested in getting the latest styles of blinds and shade treatments that are available this season, then the best place to look is in our inventory. Here at Affordable Blinds, our team of consultants is constantly working to bring you the best in quality brands to the greater Toronto area. Whether you’re interested in blinds, shades or shutters, the first step is to browse through our catalogue of superior designs to get started on some ideas for your windows.


The Benefit of an Amazing Selection


If new styles are your thing, there’s no reason that you have to sacrifice your ability to control light or options regarding privacy. Simply browse our selection of blinds and shade treatments to find the designs and colours that will best match your home and get in touch with our consultants to find an option that will provide the full range of features. When you have the options that you need, there’s no end to the possibilities for styling your home.


Layering Different Options


You can maximize the potential of your design options by layering the various window treatments options in that are offered here at Toronto’s most trusted source for Hunter Douglas Blinds and all of the best brands in window treatment options.


Layering window treatments is a simple design choice that focuses on using different types of shades and blinds in order to achieve a greater amount of depth and dimension. Some of the goals of layering can include:


  • Creating a lighter appearance
  • Increasing the variety of patterns
  • Adding texture
  • Give your room a more formal look


Layering can also provide a way to incorporate more functional features, such as increased ability to block light and heat, while maintaining a dainty façade on your window interiors.


All About Light


For some people, it’s all about light. Most people are aware that different window treatments can be used to allow different amounts of light into a home. Even if you’re obsessed with how your windows look and the particular ambience they add to a room, it’s important to consider how the level and texture of light that is allowed in can dramatically alter the feel of any style of treatment that you’re installing.

Controlling Light

What most people don’t realize is that many shades and blinds are designed to allow for a range of control over the amount of light and even the kind of light that enters. With that idea in mind, people looking for new shades or blinds commonly shop for a window treatments while looking specifically for options that will help them to gain the exact ambiance that they desire. Newer developments like Silhouette and Pirouette shades allow for light control features that are unlike most other treatment options regarding light control.

Considering Heat

We all realize that heat and light are connected. Nonetheless, people often overlook the fact that the sun’s energy has a dramatic impact on the climate inside your home and that window treatments exist to allow you to condition that energy. It’s important to pay attention to the capacity that any particular window treatment has to controlling the amount of heat that enters your home because you can actually lower your power bill dramatically by simply blocking heat with shades or blinds.


How Important is Privacy?


If you live deep in the woods, then you probably care more about how you can use you’re your window coverings to control the temperature of your home and manipulate the light that enters than you do about privacy. For almost anyone else, however, privacy is a legitimate concern. Privacy becomes more important the higher the population density grows in the area where you live.


Privacy in the Most Densely Populated Areas


Of course, if you live in a densely populated urban dwelling, such as a condo, you’ll want to be sure you can achieve a level of privacy in your home. As in the case of light control, there’s no need to sacrifice style and design in order to get privacy in your home – even if you live in the most densely populated areas.


The bottom line is that there’s always a way to achieve the perfect balance of luminescence, privacy, and style, without having to worry about sacrificing any one of these features. The best way to start is by looking through our inventory to find a design that suits you best and then get a consultation on how to achieve the control you need.