New Cordless Window Treatment Technology Keeps Kids Safe

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If you have young children at home, or you’re expecting a new bundle of joy, you know that making your home a safe and “child proofed” place is of utmost importance. Curious toddlers, inquisitive tots, and active pets can find a way to get into trouble with just about any item, piece of furniture, or object around the house, so you’re obviously aware that even the most innocuous household goods need to be considered for safety (along with the chemicals, tools, and other more obvious hazards).

As any good parent, you may have noticed warning signs on your blinds, stating that the cords may “present a potential strangulation hazard,” and that “for child safety,” you should “consider cordless alternatives or products with inaccessible cords.” These warnings are far from gratuitous—in 2002, the American non-profit organization Parents for Window Blind Safety (or PFWBS) was formed to combat the shocking and tragic frequency of strangulation-related accidents involving children and cords. The PFWBS works to support parents with children harmed or killed by cords, to bring awareness of window treatment safety protocols, and encourage more child-friendly products in the industry. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, these cords are a top “hidden hazard.” A distressing number of children have been injured or killed by becoming entangled in cords, with most parents never even considering their windows could be so dangerous.

With these risks in mind, we at Affordable Blinds offer a range of high quality products from trusted suppliers like Hunter Douglas and Shade-O-Matic that put children’s safety first. The first major thing to know is that many blinds and shades are now completely cordless. Some are balanced to lift and descend by hand, others use battery-powered motors and remote controlled operators, while others employ springs and decorative pulls to minimize the chance of tangling. Many vertical pleat shades are pulled into place without the use of cords, while other panels and sheers are set in place with the use of a special wand. Cord tensioners and cord cleats on other installations keep strings taut, eliminating loops and dangers of entanglement. Some cords are now retractable to snap back to a permanent position, out of reach of any exploring children or pets. And remember—all shutters provided by Hunter Douglas, Shade-O-Matic, and our other suppliers never have “strings attached,” so to speak, making them the safest option for a home full of curious kids.

It’s wise to remember that even with cordless technology, there may be interior cords and strings within the window treatment that may prove dangerous if pulled apart. If you’re concerned about safety and the potential hazards of shades and blinds, get in contact with us to discuss cordless or motorized options now available. There are countless gorgeous, stylish, and fashion forward designs now ready for your home that also incorporate the latest in safety awareness, so don’t think you ever have to live with ugly windows just to be safe. We’ll be happy to help you install the latest blind, shutter, or shades to maximize style and minimize dangers, keeping your house a happy haven for all those who call it home.