Quality Blinds Can Last A Lifetime!

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When people think of the word affordable, they sometimes think of the word cheap as well. There is, however, a distinction between affordable and cheap that we feel is extremely important. Our mission here at Affordable Blinds is to provide a friendly shopping experience and a massive but well curated selection of window treatments at reasonable prices. What we’re getting at is that just because something is reasonably priced, it does not necessarily mean that it is of lesser quality. Some pretentious shops charge a premium because they know they can, especially if they’re based in a rich area, but we pride ourselves on transparency and the knowledge that our customers are getting the best deal. We have families ourselves and we know that sticking to a monthly budget can be difficult – good value is a beautiful thing.

When you purchase window treatments – be it blinds, shades or curtains – for your home, you should be able to rest assured that they are going to last a long time. We are extremely fond of our stunning collection of Hunter Douglas Blinds and Shades, which come with a limited lifetime warranty. This means that if anything should malfunction or deteriorate you will likely be covered under the policy. Hunter Douglas provides the policy because they are confident in the product that they are manufacturing; they want you to know that you’re making an invest above and beyond a temporary design solution for your home.

Within our selection of Hunter Douglas blinds there is a wide variety of styles and materials that function in different ways to optimize their performance, depending on your lifestyle and sense of aesthetic. Between motorized operating systems, retractable lift cords and several other options, you can find something that will mesh with your domestic situation, whether you have pets, children or live alone. Here are some examples of their fantastic blinds:

  • An extremely popular style of blinds manufactured by Hunter Douglas is the Roman style, especially their signature Vignette design. Roman blinds can be installed to move on a vertical or a horizontal axis, they are extremely uncluttered and unfussy, with no exposed cords in the rear.
  • If you’re particular about light, then the Solera Roman Shade may be the right match for you. It is made from un-woven and woven material that allows for maximum control in terms of light and privacy. Solera blinds have an extremely sleek, intelligent look that brings a touch of class to a room. They are made from cellular material that is not dissimilar to honeycomb blinds, which we are also big fans of.
  • If you want the ultimate customization experience, then the design studio blinds may be for you: they come in silk, cotton and linen in several styles and work particularly well with a nice valance. The beautiful cascading effect of the design is extremely soothing to the eyes.
  • Finally, The Alustra Collection of Vignette blinds are the Mercedes Benz of the window treatment universe. They are sleek yet robust with incredible texture. They are slightly more expensive than the other blinds, but if it falls within your budget, they certainly bring the energy up a level in whatever room they are present.

Hopefully this post has helped to provide some understanding of the quality products that we retail at affordable prices. We pride ourselves on selling great products and working with companies such as Hunter Douglas who honour their warranties. The next time you decide to redesign your space, give us a call and talk to our experts!

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