Rejuvenate Your Home with Easter Window Treatments

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Easter is a season for renewing, restoring, refreshing, and recreating your home. So there’s no better time to rejuvenate your interior décor with a beautiful new window upgrade than during the upcoming holiday. The best part about making a change to your living space is that it fills you with a sense of newness that can be extremely invigorating – especially after a long winter.


Whenever you’re updating your interior décor to coincide with a holiday, it’s best to focus on elements that capture the essence of the season and will match your decorations. You can get started by removing anything that’s themed around the past season – in this case, that means Christmas and winter.


Those styles may have helped to make your home feel warm and cozy during the colder months, but they won’t blend well with the spirit of hope and renewal that we all associate with Eastertime. The good news is that it will be easy to get rid of the winter lace and thick curtains, once you see our huge selection of blinds to choose from to suit the upcoming holiday.


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Whether you’re looking for blinds or shades, the best way to get the most out of your window treatments, and capture the invigorating moods of Easter, is to focus on light control. Easter is a time when the dark and cold part of the year ending and new life is coming into the world. Since you can already be sure that we have the best deals on Hunter Douglas blinds available, you have to feel free to focus on finding bright colours and allowing more sunlight to enter your home.


Easter is also a sign of increasing warmth outdoors, so it’s a time to take down your thicker curtains, designed to keep in the heat, and to put up some lighter, airier window treatments – Hunter Douglas Luminette sheers would make an excellent choice!


It’s also a good time to consider how textures and colours compliment each other. If you’re a fan of lacy designs, you might want to go with a pure white. Thin white blinds that let in maximum sunlight can provide an effective Easter ambience, which will match well with any other colour in your home –  especially those white Easter lilies.


New window treatments can be an excellent gift for the whole family – think of Easter as a great time to update the window treatments in the bedroom of each family member, but to accomplish such an undertaking it may help to contact Affordable Blinds online for some advice on how to create a stylistic theme for a variety of different rooms at this time of year.


Any time you make a small change to your interior design, it’s important to consider how that change affects the rest of the room and how that room affects the rest of your home.


If you’re looking for a way to rejuvenate your home after a long winter, Affordable Blinds offers a wide selection of window treatments at prices that make it easy to treat your home like an interior designer and update your décor to match every new season.