Rethinking Interior Colours for the Winter

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No matter how interesting an interior design scheme you achieve during the summer when the cold weather sets in and you’re stuck inside for the whole season, you’ll grow tired of even the most elegant surroundings.


Don’t let it get you down – we all get that dull feeling eventually when stuck indoors through bad weather – and, luckily, there’s a guaranteed way to perk up your home and your mood: a redecorating project that includes bright and bold colours!


Renovations are expensive, repainting is a chore and buying new furniture gives you both of these problems at once – an easier way to update your living space that doesn’t cost an enormous amount of time or money is to replace your window coverings with a brand new colour scheme.


If your old coverings are still in great shape, you can even put them in storage to give you the option of reverting back to your current style later in the year. This is a great way to maintain a feeling of renewal whenever you desire.


If you’re happy with the style and function of the window coverings you’ve been using, you’ll want to replace them with a selection that’s similar to those you now enjoy. Then again, you might not realize what new innovations have recently become available until you check out our window treatments currently in stock and on sale. Even a subtle change in colour or design can yield a dramatic change in tone to your home.

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How do you decide whether you want to experiment with a more adventurous change or a smaller one? You’ll want to consider the following factors:


  1. Do your current window coverings function in a way that makes them easy to use and enjoy?
  2. Do they let an amount of light in that’s appropriate to the room, and do they allow you to control the way light enters your home in a satisfying way?
  3. Have you just become utterly bored with the style you see every day and would like to try something completely different?


If any of these factors feels off to you, then you may want to consider a brand new style altogether. And that will be easy, given that there are always a wide variety of styles old and new to choose from at Affordable Blinds – including less common (but absolutely gorgeous and wonderfully functional) styles like Silhouette, Luminette or Pirouette shades by Hunter Douglas. On the other hand, if you’re used to a shade and looking for something new this time around, you might want to consider trying vertical blinds in more colourful tones.

If you’re completely content with your current style of window covering, not to worry, you can still achieve a brand new mood in your home by simply modifying your colour scheme. You’ll have no trouble finding a colour scheme that matches your current look since we have a huge selection of Hunter Douglas window treatments on offer that will open up a world of ideas and make the indoor season feel more exciting.

Remember when you still lived at your parent’s house and would spontaneously rearrange everything in your room so you’d feel completely new? Rethinking the colour scheme of your window coverings and interior can give you that exact same feeling. Check out our selection of blinds and shades today and get started on ideas!