Smart Blinds Are The Future — A Look At Upcoming Design Trends In 2017

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It being February, we’re a tiny bit late on our annual New Year sneak peek at upcoming interior design trends. But 2017 is still young, despite being a little rough around the edges thanks to all of those alternative facts we’ve been seeing in the news. We’re taking a tip from our groundhog friend, Wiarton Willie. But instead of using our shadows to predict the length of our winter, we’re going to share with you our prognostications for the hottest styles set to hit our homes.

The year has only just begun, and we’re excited to see what the next 10 months have to offer. The team here at Affordable Blinds is always looking to the future — in more ways than one. We usually offer our predictions for the inspirations behind the world’s top designers, but in addition to keeping tabs on the latest colours and textures, we’re always on the lookout for the latest innovations in window treatment technology.

Last month saw the 50th annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The tradeshow displays cutting-edge technology and products from a variety of industries. While most people pay attention to the laptops, artificial intelligences, and televisions to come out of the CES, you can find products improving every existing commodity, including blinds!

This year’s CES didn’t disappoint. In fact, it was an amazing year for window treatments.

  • Netatmo, a smart home company, partnered with a Danish skylight company to create blinds and shutters that are supported by Amazon’s AI, Alexa. This means you’ll be able to control with only a few words.
  • SolarGaps is another company that has integrated with an artificial intelligence. The green-energy company has partnered with Google Home to create a covering that turns your blinds into solar panels. Because it’s voice operated, it can be controlled with certain commands and even gestures.
  • In another attachable product, FlipFlic has created a device that can turn any previously installed blind into smart window treatments. This is huge news for anyone who doesn’t want to wait for AI-installed blinds to hit the market. You simply attach the product to the blind’s mechanism, and it will control your slats according to remote commands or according to temperature and light.

It may be a while yet until we see these products on the major markets, but our team is willing to bet FlipFlic’s attachment may reach the GTA first. Until then, we’re still committed to providing the area with the best blinds, shutters, and shades. They may not be fully integrated with Alexa or Google’s AI, but they’re still beautiful treatments that offer exceptional light and privacy control for every room.

Make a trip out to see our selection to see which style would work best in your home. Our design consultants are always ready to help you make the tough decisions about size, colour, and texture so don’t worry if you aren’t sure what you want. We’ll find out what you need together!

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