Take Inspiration From The Season & Shop For Blinds This March Break

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Now that March Break has finally arrived, plenty of families in the GTA are jumping on a jet plane to escape the last throes of winter for a sun-filled vacation in the south. But you wouldn’t be alone if you plan on staying close to home this March. A low loonie and global political unrest has grounded a number of Canadians intending to vacation this year. It can be hard to say no to your all-inclusive trip down south, but all is not lost. Here at Affordable Blinds, we see a silver lining to every cloud. You can use all of the money you save on your holiday to invest in brand new window treatments for your entire home.

You deserve a treat after dealing with this latest snow storm. Since you’re stuck celebrating the March Break with a staycation, we can fully get behind giving yourself a consolation prize of the latest blinds, shades, or shutters. Let us help you revamp your space by outlining the hottest trends for the upcoming year.

Bright & Earthy Tones: As we do every year, we look towards the Pantone Color Intelligence to see which hues will make their mark in 2017. The top 10 colours for spring include bright, jewel tones like Pink Yarrow and Lapis Blue as well as vivid earth tones like Kale and Hazelnut. As you can tell by their names, these colours take their cue from nature, as the Pantone team try to evoke the emotions and feelings that come with the season.

Polished Surfaces: Whereas last year embraced natural surface that exposed the rough and tactile side of the world, 2017 will embrace sleek and modern materials like subway tiles backsplashes, marble counter tops, glass accents, copper walls, and cerused wood furniture. For those who are unaware, cerused is a kind of finish that exposes the grain of wood in pieces under a glossy veneer.

Layered Shades: In today’s society personalization is an essential benchmark of quality. We look for ways to customize everything, from the cellphone in our pockets to the vegetables we receive in our weekly grocery delivery. Now you can get it with your window treatments as layering grows in popularity. Designers are pairing multiple treatments on one window, so homeowners can adjust for their unique needs. Blackout blinds to block light at night are installed with sheer shades better designed for the day, along with beautiful drapes in the latest ‘it’ colour.

If these trends sound like something you’d like to include in your home, give us a call. Whether you’ve got your colour swatches ready or you have no idea where to start we’ll help you achieve the season’s hottest looks. Wherever you are in your interior decorating plans, our design consultants will take you through our selection of blinds, shades, and shutters to help you attain your goals.

So you won’t be sipping on a piña colada under the sun this March Break. That’s okay — there’s always next year. As for this year, blend up the tropical cocktail at home as you admire your new beautiful and stylish blinds.

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