The Delicate Balance Of Privacy and Style

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The three things people care about most when selecting new window coverings are style, privacy, and how a particular window covering is designed to handle the sunlight entering your home. While the latter of these should always be kept in mind when considering a new purchase for your home, the other two present a challenge that should not be neglected.


Initially, privacy may seem to be a simple matter: simply cover up all visible surfaces with a properly shielding window covering and that’s that. Things get more complex when you consider the range of styles available at Affordable Blinds and the various factors that motivate someone to choose what will best suit their home. Sometimes, having too many options can be a bittersweet luxury!


If privacy is a motivating factor in your purchase, you’ll want to avoid styles built to allow more control over how light enters a room. Instead, focus on window coverings that offer control over the amount of light that enters. How easily and efficiently a shade blocks the sunlight will also give you an idea about how well it blocks visibility.



Style and light work in tandem, rather than at odds. The amount of light you allow to enter a room and the way light enters a room are both factors that affect the atmosphere of your home. You don’t need to read a scientific study to realize that allowing a certain amount of natural light to enter your home can dramatically affect your mood. Not only will daily sunlight make you feel better, controlling how much light enters your home can also help you to save money on energy bills.


Sometimes, a room doesn’t feel like its working or just feels stale. The remedy can be as simple as finding a new window covering that allows more light to enter a room. If your current shade doesn’t properly complement a room’s style, consider whether the amount of light it lets in is disrupting the mood captured by the rest of that room’s furnishings – perhaps a blind would work better.


In either case, the window covering probably has its greatest impact on atmosphere during the day, when the sunlight entering the room is at its peak. Of course, finding the appropriate style of window covering for a home gets easier when you also consider the collection of window treatment finishes available to choose from.


Silhouette and luminette blinds allow more control over the light that enters a room, which has a dramatic effect on mood and atmosphere. Keep in mind that silhouette blinds are vertical, while luminette blinds are horizontal – so while both are ideal at controlling light, their design and style is dramatically different.


Alternatively, zebra dual shades are built to give you a choice between blackout and transparent shades in one window covering. While this style of shade provides less control over how light enters the room, it provides increased ease of privacy by quickly and fully covering a window.


The best way to determine which option will work in your home is to check out the huge selection of Hunter Douglas shades and blinds available from Affordable Blinds.