The Virtues Of Wood And Vinyl Shutters

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Here at Affordable Blinds, we have a huge selection of blinds and window treatments to mesh with whatever sort of design style you’re trying to achieve. While we certainly feel that most of our blinds and shades are incredibly stylish and highly functional, we also understand that some people may want something a little funkier, a little bit eclectic, or something with an old fashioned warmth that is so often missing from modern design.

For this effect, we often recommend wooden or vinyl shutters, which possess precisely that nostalgic quality that is so often lacking in modern design. Wooden shutters can be painted any colour to complement the room in which they are being installed and the tactile feel of wood can be extremely satisfying when you are adjusting the slats or opening the shutters.

If wooden shutters in the colonial style appeal to the romantic in you, there’s good reason: these wide slatted shutters were popularized in southern states like Louisiana by Spanish Colonists in the eighteenth century. They seem to suggest a bygone era of sophistication, as well as a continental aesthetic that we’ve largely lost in contemporary North American design.

Our Affordable Blinds stores carry a wide variety of Hunter Douglas window coverings that are suitable for a myriad of design concepts, their carefully crafted plantation shutters are made from real wood and make a great addition to a cottage, a chalet or a home that is striving for a more rustic vibe. If you combine the quality of Hunter Douglas shutters with our experts’ laser sharp design intelligence, you will almost certainly end up with a breathtaking result.

Here are a few examples of the shutters offered by Hunter Douglas:

Heritance: Dovetail construction is employed in these shutters crafted from high quality seasoned hardwood for maximum durability and strength. You can buy them in glazed, distressed, burnished or rustic and there are a good number of styles depending on what you’re looking for – though not overwhelmingly so. If you have them installed on a bi-fold track, you can hinge several shutters together and fold them easily on a top track. Integra is used for the finish to create a gorgeous aura that will last through the light and heat of many hot summers. Hunter Douglas even makes a small donation to the Arbor Day foundation for every purchase, so you can feel good about supporting the world’s dwindling forests.

NewStyle: NewStyle blinds are made from a combination of wood and modern materials that allow for extra durability. You may be dubious of shutters that aren’t made entirely from wood, but trust us, these shutters are incredibly durable and will last you a very long time. Ideal for a French Door cutout option, these shutters also do a great job of providing extra insulation to your windows when closed tight. If they do somehow break, Hunter Douglas offers a lifetime warranty on this product.

Palm Beach: Palm Beach shutters are treated with special UV resistant Polysatin, so that your shutters with never degrade in quality due to the hot sun. These shutters are extremely versatile and can be framed in a wide variety of ways to fit any window in your house.

Now that you have some idea of the different kinds of shutters on offer and how they might best fit you space, consult with one of our design experts and hammer out a final decision. Call us today!

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