The Wide World Of Shades

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Whether it is the depth of winter and you’re trying to keep the cold out of your house, or the heart of summer and you’re trying to keep your home cool, one thing you always want to invite into your home is natural light. While some people opt for the simplicity of blinds or curtains, these options have definite limitations. When you install custom shades, you can invite some light into your home and avoid being assaulted by the hot summer sun in your living room. Blinds and curtains, which pretty much offer an all or nothing approach to light control, may be okay for the stark atmosphere of an office, but in your home you will likely want a soft light to create a warm, nurturing atmosphere. We’re the first to admit, Affordable Blinds employees  can be downright obsessive about the lighting in our home – to create the right mood for a chilled out weekend morning or a dinner party with friends, it is imperative that you’re able to control the natural light.

Since we are at the peak summer season, and filtering light tastefully into your space with beautiful shades is a top priority, let’s delve into a few different Hunter Douglas products that can serve this exact purpose:

Silhouette Shading from Hunter Douglas employs a two sheer fabric to perform several amazing functions, in addition to making you home look great. They are available in a wide variety of colours and designs to perfectly fit the feng-shui of your space.

The two sheer fabric turns sharp light soft and diffuses the light into the deepest corners of your room, allowing you to save on lighting costs. The unique S-Vane technology cuts the harmful Ultraviolet light of the sun and protects your floors, furniture and artwork.

Unlike blinds and curtains, you can customize how much light gets in while retaining access to the view your windows provide. Furthermore, the shades obscure the view into your house for maximum privacy without depriving you of natural light. The reflective nature of the S-Vane Silhouette Blinds allows them to deter sunlight on hot days to help keep your home cool and, once again, save on utilities.

Advanced operating system options will allow you to control the shades remotely and, owing to a simple, streamlined functionality in the design, the shades are child-safe and child-proof.

The Luminette is a similar option for rectangular doors with sliders. The sophisticated opening and closing mechanism makes the Luminette an extremely user friendly product that provides stylish shading options for those problematic sliding doors that often lead to your backyard or patio.

The Pirouette shades, which look amazing against a wood grain office space, seem to float against the windows owing to their unique Invisi-Lift technology. These tasteful shades will allow you complete control over how much light filters into the room and how clearly you see the world outside your home.

When you purchase Hunter Douglas products from Affordable Blinds, we are always happy to send our experts to offer their design services in the GTA or help install your new products. Some people dismiss installation as an afterthought, but so often we have received calls from folks who hung their blinds crooked and need assistance. When you buy an elegant product like Hunter Douglas shades, it’s good to go the extra mile and have them installed properly. Affordable Blinds can set you up with care and attention to detail at a reasonable price.

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