Think Home Décor This Christmas

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If you’re having trouble finding the perfect Christmas gift this year, consider giving your family an update to the interior design of their home – specifically their windows. Whether buying with you or your loved ones in mind, a whole new look in window coverings may be just the thing to freshen the mood of your living space.

Installing a new set of shades or blinds is more affordable and much faster than home renovations, so it’s a great way to give a makeover to the rooms of your home where you spend the most time. By updating your home décor in this quick and easy way, you’ll be giving a gift that provides so much more than a great new look – you’ll also be giving everyone in your home the gift of a more positive mood throughout the cold winter season.  

In this month’s installment of the Affordable Blinds blog, we feature some of the best options in window shades, with a specific focus on helping you to get started when looking to buy new blinds as a Christmas gift.  

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Hunter Douglas Shades

Not only do we offer one of the largest selections of window treatments in the Toronto and Mississauga area, but we also offer exceptional brands like Hunter Douglas at fantastic prices. Right now on the Affordable Blinds website, you can find deals on Hunter Douglas shades that come in a variety of styles to easily match that perfect look for your home! You just can’t beat Hunter Douglas shades for that perfect mixture of privacy and style!

Silhouette Shades

If you haven’t seen our elegant Silhouette shades in action, you really ought to consider whether they would suit your home. Besides their gorgeous style, Silhouette shades stand out because they include a precision mechanism, which allows for superior control features. Not only will they provide a beautiful addition to each room, but they’ll also allow you to easily control how much light enters your home, which will dramatically impact your mood.

Pirouette Shades

Pirouette shades provide impressive control options and are available in a variety of unique fabric designs, textures and opacities. Perfectly suited to the style of any room, Pirouette shades are unique because they include the Invisi-Lift system that makes them appear as if they’re floating on air! With this kind of versatility, Pirouette shades may be the ultimate option for finding that perfect new look to match the design of any home.

Designer Roller Shades

If you’re after a different kind of look, consider roller shades as an alternative to Silhouette or Pirouette shades. While roller shades offer excellent light control and are one of the best options for privacy, they operate and look quite different because they lower top to bottom. Roller Shades can give a room a more minimalist look. They’re also available in a variety of stunning fabrics and textures.

Whatever window treatment you prefer most is up to you, but if you’re still having trouble deciding on a choice of gift, why not call us to learn more about the variety of options available in window coverings. With so many designs at your disposal, finding the perfect holiday gift for your loved ones will be easy!