Transition from Winter to Spring with Energy-Efficient Window Treatments

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During the Canadian winter, it can feel like the cold weather is endless, but occasionally a clear and bright day will bring an increase in light and heat that enters the home through your windows. As the year carries on towards spring, these minor fluctuations become more frequent. Without window treatments that allow a variety of control options, it’s impossible to maximize your energy efficiency through this transitional time of year.


Warmer days are a sign that spring is its way. While patio season doesn’t officially start in Toronto until mid-April, near the end of March you can sometimes get lucky enough to enjoy a few hours of patio time. That said, you should also remain wary of sporadic end-of-season storms or sudden bouts of extreme cold.


As the seasons change, you need window treatments that can handle variations in weather more than ever. If your current window coverings made it through winter but aren’t quite up to the job of transitioning into the spring and summer, then you should consider whether to buy Hunter Douglas blinds in Toronto – especially if you want the absolute best in style at a competitive price.


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When it comes to décor, keep in mind that your interior design will be changing as well. As you transition your home from winter to spring, you’ll start to pack up your cozy accessories – like throw blankets and Christmas themed pillows – in exchange for more colourful, lighter spring-themed items. When you do, you’ll want to be sure that everything in your rooms – including your window coverings – remain consistent.


If you’re changing your window coverings now, you’ll probably also want to keep the summer season in mind. While light control is important at this time of year, it’s easy to forget that you’ll soon be opening up your windows entirely to let a cool breeze through your home. It might be hard to imagine now but if you want to stay ahead of the game, you should start looking to buy California shutters in Toronto right now, rather than wait until everyone else has already bought up this newly popular option.


There’s one final point that should not be overlooked regarding how to upgrade your windows for the seasonal transition. While the focus of this blog is so often directed towards the home, you should never overlook the style and efficiency of the window coverings in your workplace. If you’re looking to buy commercial blinds in Toronto before the spring season arrives, then you might consider what options are available to you now before the summer rush.


Essentially, there are only a few key points you need to be sure of when purchasing new window treatments during a seasonal change from winter to spring:


1) Are your blinds or shades going to allow you the light control suitable through a variety of weather?
2) Will they adequately fit the décor of your home as it changes to match the season?
3) What window treatment is going to remain the most energy-efficient for you through various seasons?


When the seasons’ change, so does the interior design of your home. Some home-owners prefer to purchase new window treatments catered specifically to each season, while others compromise with window treatments that can accommodate a few seasons or even the whole year. The best option for you will be found in our inventory!