Warm Design Ideas For A Cold Winter

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While sheer, honey comb blinds made of light materials are fantastic for a relaxed spring and summer vibe, winter is almost upon us in full force, which means that it’s time to break out the thicker curtains and solid shutters and foster an environment of warmth (aesthetically and literally). In the wintertime, you don’t necessarily want to keep the curtains and shutters closed at all times; during the daytime, sunlight can warm up your home and take a bit of the strain off of your furnace, just remember to shut your thick curtains once darkness falls.

In some of your smaller windows, subtle shades and blinds can still do the trick in winter, so you may want to check out the latest Hunter Douglas shade designs on our website. For the most part however, you’ll want to use solid shutters to prevent the heat from creeping into your home while you’re sleeping at night. It’s nice to sleep in a warm bed with a subtle chill in the air in wintertime, but you don’t want to wake up to a frigid bedroom.

Affordable Blinds offers integrative expertise on what designs are going to work best with your blinds, in your space. Here are several suggestions for creating a warm winter atmosphere in your home:

Home Is Where The Hearth Is

If you have a hearth in your home, then winter is its time to shine. Place some comfy chairs and a coffee table near the fireplace and set up an area for socializing and playing board games after dinner. Plush pillows and blankets add an extra element of coziness, and if you co-ordinate the colour of the pillows with your window treatments, you’ll score extra design points.

Mason Jar Chandelier

Get some white string lights and put together a DIY chandelier made from vintage mason jars and burlap ribbon. You can hang these outside of your home to create a fun, funky source of light that will be attractive to visitors and passersby. Extra points if you can find vintage Ball mason jars with that signature blue tint.

Psychedelic Paisley To Cure The Winter Blues

If psychedelic paisley is a little too intense for you, maybe just think bright colours. Bright pillows and blankets can pop against the drab grey of winter and bring a bit of excitement into your home design. These kinds of colours work well in the spring and summer as well, so you can re-integrate them into your plans when it comes time to change it up in Spring. That may seem like a million years away right now, but trust us, we’ll get there.

Reflect The Light With A Vintage MIrror

By hanging a cool mirror above your mantel or a chest of drawers, you can reflect the light and create a brighter environment in the season that is mostly ruled by darkness. Hunting for vintage mirrors at an Ontario antique market is a fun way to spend a Sunday, and you can paint the frame an interesting colour to add some pizzazz to your living room!

Stop by your nearest Affordable Blinds location today and talk to our design services about sprucing up your space for the coming winter. We’ve got lots of options and endless ideas!

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