Winter Design Guide Part Two

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In this month’s two-part entry, we’re talking about how to create a feeling of warmth and wellbeing in your home during the dark and difficult winter months. Curiously – as we discovered in part one – winter style is often appropriate for spring as well. The reason for this is that bright colours and lots of plants and flowers brighten up the dullness of winter. Then, when we finally hit the warmer months, your home is already decorated to meet the occasion!

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Our experts like to look at your home as an aesthetic ecosystem that has an ideal balance or equilibrium. If you have a subtle, minimal sense of style, you still need a couple accents to set it off a bit. If you have a bright, flamboyant sense of design, you need it to hand together in a cohesive way or it will be a total mess! No matter what your preference, there is an art to dialing in that perfect balance, it just takes a bit of thoughtful effort.

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Fur, Fake Fur & Soft Things

Vegans and animal lovers of the world may object to a bearskin rug, but there are lots of blankets and materials out there that have that faux fur texture. Warm blankets and fur are tactile and comforting and can help you get through the winter in warmth and style, so be on the lookout for furry blankets, even if real fur is against your moral values

Magic Mirrors 

Of course, a nice honeycomb shade or a cellular shade is lovely for creating warm light effects in a room, but to add an extra oomph to this warmth, get some extra mirrors, lamps and metallic pieces going on as well. The reflection of the light will create a bright, happy, humming mood in your space that will improve your mood and impress visitors. Added brightness in winter is a hot commodity.

Fun & Warmth with Painting (Ode to Millennial Pink)

If you’re a broke freelancer trying to improve the mood in your apartment, consider repainting in a warmer colour – just make sure you check with your landlord first. Painting can actually be a pretty fun, Zen way to pass the time; plus, you can get a bit of exercise and listen to music or a podcast as an added bonus. Millennial pink is a warm, nifty colour that will brighten up your space, or perhaps a light terra cotta if you’re more traditional.

Give us a call if you need our help integrating your window treatments with your interior design, our expert come to you and are eager to help – make 2018 the year that you turn your space into a stylish sanctuary!

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