Your Autumn Design Guide

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At Affordable Blinds, we do exactly what our name would suggest: we offer our customers a wide selection of blinds at great prices – the options we provide and the price point we offer is unrivalled in the city of Toronto, and in Canada at large. Additionally, however, we like to think of ourselves in holistic terms: since our design experts work with our customers to ensure that their new window treatments are exactly the right fit for their space and the energy that they’re trying to achieve.

In the spirit of this mission, we always celebrate the fall as a time when people like to switch up the design vibe in their homes and make some changes that are more fitting for the cooler weather and the bright fall colours. In the summertime, having light, reflective blinds installed makes sense, as you want to invite fresh light and fresh air into your home while at the same time blocking the sun from overheating your home. In the cooler weather, this priority is altered. A lot of people think of autumn as the time to break out the curtains, which allow you to block out the light completely, and also add a layer of insulation to trap in the warmth of the furnace or a cozy fire – if you’re lucky enough to own a fireplace.

Although curtains are quite popular in cold weather, some people enjoy the energy that blinds bring all year round. Especially if you’re a lighthearted, energetic type, the airy, bright effect that most shades create will complement your open heartedness; if you’re looking for deals on Hunter Douglas shades of all types and colours, look no further than Affordable Blinds.

In the end, there’s no wrong or right concerning the nature of which window treatment is right for you – having said that, you’ll probably want your window treatments to mesh well with whatever colours and design ideas you have going on, so it’s worth a bit of focused consideration.

Here are a few choice design ideas for the approaching autumn weather:

Magnolia leaves above the mantel or hearth: While autumn is associated with warm reds and oranges, an accent of fresh green magnolia leaves on the mantel adds a beautiful accent that pops against the warm colours and even reflects that warmth to some degree. A bit of greenery also provides a nice contrast to the dying plants outside.

Plush pillows with matching blankets: If you want to go down a wormhole of coziness and warmth, we highly recommend picking up a plush blanket to fold across the bottom of your bed and some pillows to match. As the weather gets colder, you’ll be more and more relived to enter your fortress of warmth and softness. Ideally you would match the blankets and pillows to the colour of your window treatments, or choose complementary colours.

Add some extra lamps: As all lighting enthusiasts know (we count ourselves amongst these), lamps are superior to overhead lights for creating a chilled out mood in the evening. With the shorter days approaching, you’ll want add an extra source of light to provide more light – especially if you’re shutting out the sun with heavy curtains.

Contact our Affordable Blinds design experts today for more great tips like these. We not only provide a great selection at an amazing price, we can also help you customize your window treatments to fit with your space and personality!

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