Hot Fun in the Summertime: Summer Window Coverings – Part One

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In the hottest days of summer, it can be difficult to beat the heat. When a heat wave hits, you need all the help you can get. Many homeowners don’t realize that window coverings, can dramatically impact how hot a house gets in the summer.

If you’re in the process of upgrading your window coverings for the summer season, or looking for a better way to control the temperature of your home, then these tips on summer window coverings will help you to get the best in value and style for your home.


Getting Professional Advice


If you’re looking for more information on how to choose a window covering for your home that will give you the ultimate control over temperature and light, then you can contact us anytime to get an assessment and help to decide on the best style to suit your home décor.


What to Consider About Temperature Control


The reason that the shades or blinds that you use to style your windows affect your home’s temperature so greatly is because they can determine how much natural sunlight and outside summer heat are able to get inside your living space. It’s important to take note of how your window coverings are impacting the temperature of your home for a few reasons:

  • Controlling your temperature artificially will greatly increase your power bill
  • Controlling your heat naturally can result in a more comfortable living space
  • Window coverings are designed to excel at specific functions

If you already decided to get new blinds this spring and you didn’t take summer heat into consideration, then right now is the perfect time to think about getting new window treatments for your home from a company that takes care to ensure you have everything you need for summer.


Wasting Money with Artificial Heat Control


Sure, you can run the air-conditioner non-stop, but this option will send your utility bill soaring to new heights. A better way to stay cool at home during hot weather is to take control over how much heat gets into you home through your windows.

Using window treatments that are designed for controlling temperature have been shown to dramatically lower your utility bill. Energy-efficient window coverings will also continue working for you when you want to conserve your heat during the winter!


Controlling Your Temperature Naturally


If you can’t get comfortable in your own home, then where can you get comfortable? When you’re considering making an update to your window coverings specifically for the summer season, you should also consider how controlling your home’s temperature more naturally, by letting your window coverings determine how much light or heat gets in, can make your home feel more comfortable than the dry heat caused by heating devices or the poor air caused by air conditioners.

When every little bit helps, consider an upgrade to your window coverings to help gain greater control over heat, while giving you the perfect opportunity for a new design to your interior décor. In part two of the Affordable Blinds installment regarding window treatments for the summer, the focus will deal more directly with style rather than function.