Prep for Seasonal Transition: Summer Window Coverings – Part II

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The trouble with autumn is that you never know what temperatures you’re going to get outdoors. One thing that you can count on, however, is the transition between summer and fall styles. No matter how long summer stays around, soon enough everyone will want to get into the mood for the pumpkin spice season. In this second edition of our focus on summer window coverings, the topic shifts from function to style, while paying special attention to the upcoming change of seasons.


Recap on Summer 


In the summertime, we all want to allow light indoors. The trouble – as covered in part one of this feature – is that allowing light into the home also increases the amount of heat that gets inside. Since window treatments can reduce cooling costs on hot and humid days, it’s important that your window coverings are capable of allowing you to control how much heat enters your home so that you don’t end up regulating your environment artificially.


Summer Inspirations


When it comes to style, summer trends tend to reflect light and airy mood within the home. That means that if you ignored the functional aspect of your window coverings altogether, then you’d probably prefer to have a single thin layer of a white shade or another light colour. If you live in an area with more temperate weather, then you may want to consider the advice of your window product design and style experts and try out Silhouette or Luminette blinds, which you can order from among our huge selection of blinds and shade treatments available online.


Finding a Compromise


Given the difficulty of balancing the function and style of your window treatments in the summer, the best option during warm weather is a layered approach, which will best allow you to achieve the look that you desire in your home while also managing heat control. Not only will layering allow you to achieve a better solution to competing designs, but it can also provide more ability to get the look you’re after.


Transitioning to Autumn


Since autumn is a fickle season, it can be difficult to know what to expect. Strong predictions are not advisable in any direction, unless you don’t mind making alterations if the weather turns out differently than expected.


The Best Styles for the Fall


To prepare for the fall, it’s best to maintain the same approach regarding function as you take in the summer, while introducing a few new colours to help usher in the mood of the autumn season. You aren’t supposed to wear white after labour day for a reason and neither should your windows. After all, you don’t want to be caught by Halloween or Thanksgiving with a home that is still decorated to suit the summer.


Many home owners don’t realize the benefits of altering their window treatments to suit the season. If you’re not opposed to installing new blinds and shades throughout the year, you can achieve superior style and comfort throughout the year. If you’re looking for a more permanent solution, however, try a layered approach for unmatchable style and temperature control at any time of year.